Video Games: Bad Or Good Or Bad?

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Ever since I can remember video games have always been my escape. On my ninth birthday I received my xbox 360 and since that day I have never look back. With my xbox I have made memories and friendships that will last life a life time. Although some believe things in life are either good or bad, it can be seen through Xbox that things are both good and bad, but it’s the proportion between good and bad that matters, this can be seen through new games, finishing games, and new systems that proves that a disproportionate amount of good versus bad creates good memories.
With the Xbox there were many games that I have played that have taken me on hundreds of adventures. Over the years I have traveled both forward and backward in time and around
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This excited me because I would play these games at my friends house it allowed me to play better games that had better engines and graphics because of how powerful the new game systems were. These new game systems introduced new ways to play games, for example the Wii. With the introduction of the Wii, people were able to interact with their video games in a new way. The Wii was controlled by two controllers and required them to be physically active while they played games. While playing the game people had to stand up and use their arms to control their character. The introduction of the Wii, multiplayer games became more popular through the introduction of Wii sports. Wii sports is a game where the players play sports game with their Wiis, such as tennis golf, and baseball. The games that I would play against very competitive, which led me to wanting the Wii more and more. All of my friends began to get the new systems for their birthdays and for christmas, but I did not. My parents told me that if I kept on getting new game systems I would never learn to be happy with what I have, I would always be wanting more. This was a very valuable lesson to learn looking back on it. Not only did I learn to be happy with what I have, many of my friend’s Wii systems broke and were non replaceable, which led them returning back to playing Xbox with me. After three years my xbox began to have problems, and it was at that time I came to the realization that it was finally time to put away my Xbox 360 and upgrade to the next generation of gaming

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