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  • How Reading Changed My Life

    the East Coast. Both of my parents spoke English as their primary language so I naturally spoke English as well. I began to talk at an early age, and my parents say that I loved to communicate with people I knew. I remember when I read my first word at a coffee cart in Denver, and since then I have enjoyed reading books of all sizes. I don’t remember my parents reading novels when I was younger, but I do remember being read to as a young child while I at a snack before bed. Once I was a…

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  • America Needs Its Geeks Analysis

    When we think of the words nerd and geek, we think of a smart person with freckles and thick-framed glasses. They are usually bullied by the athletic people of a school and are at the lowest rung of the social ladder. But why do we also think about that same person being harmed and ridiculed? Why can’t we praise their intelligence and use it to improve our society? These questions are argued in Leonid Fridman’s “America Needs Its Nerds.” In order to do this, Fridman uses rhetorical strategies…

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  • Analysis Of Smart By Shel Silverstein's Smart

    The constant word “and”, frequently used by young children, is placed at the beginning of several lines to connect the narrator’s string of thoughts. By connecting several sentences together Silverstein is displaying the narrator’s inexperience with complex tasks. Moreover…

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  • My Father To Me Analysis

    discussed in class. 4. The introductory paragraph is interesting. I would suggest adding more descriptive words on how you felt at the time. 5. The essay does not have any stray sentences. The paper stays on topic throughout the story. I cannot technically say that it follows the thesis since I have trouble pinpointing the location of the thesis. 6. I believe you should add a little more descriptive words in the second paragraph. I want to know more about how you felt when your mom left and how…

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  • Improving My English Class

    After finishing my first semester of English, I can say that I have improved immensely as a writer. Coming into the class, I was not very confident in my abilities as a writer. I did not think my word choice was above average, I thought my sentence structure was something that could be qualified as trash, and I felt like I could not address my audience in any way. However, after this first semester, I feel that everything has changed. Through evaluating my own work this semester, I have been…

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  • Pastoral Roles

    awesome guy. First we can look and see what the people had to say about the pastoral roles that are crucial within a church. To do this we can take a look at the different words the congregants used to describe their pastor. From looking at these we can decipher what people felt the pastoral role should be. Now a lot of people used words such as compassionate, caring, kind, honest, genuine, real, personable, and many more that seem…

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  • Self Analysis Assignment

    skills I have gained through this course are writing better thesis sentences, analysis, and structuring sentences and paragraphs in an orderly and cohesive manner. Some skill I have not been able to fully acquire is the skill of not using unnecessary words or phrases.…

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  • Walk In The Fall And The First Snow Analysis

    challenges and only read two words incorrectly. Her current level of instructional/frustration was reading the second passage The First Snow. The passage was more challenging for Carmen to read, her reading was choppy,…

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  • What Is The Meaning Of The Road Not Taken

    Readers may have also ignore the words in the poem, and Nathan described what words he should have used, and looks deeper into the poem. He noticed how some of the words like the word road, should have used the word path instead. Nathan believes if a poet writes about being on a road that splits in two while walking in a park, the poet should have used path, not road. Nathan knows for a fact that the word “road” would be best used for a type of topic that is involved…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Banished Word List

    Banished words are words or phrases that can be misinterpreted, misused, overused, or otherwise deemed useless. Every year Lake Superior States University releases a list of banished words. These words come from a variety of sources across the entire country. These banished word nominations are sent in and a committee makes their decision of which words make the cut before the end of each year. Inspired by words on the Banished Word List, our team was tasked to come up with 10 words which we…

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