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  • Parents Of English Language Learner Students

    in my classroom. I put an unprecedented amount of time in preparing special types of lessons for your children. I try to speak slowly and clearly, with extra explanations and repetitions of new words. I try to make the classroom a welcoming and warm place for your children where they can open their mouths and speak a new language…

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  • Mini Lesson: Observation In The Classroom

    Mini Lesson (10:00): (Supportive Reading) [Introduction] 1. Call students over to the by table groups: (Example: Boys and girls can I have Jacks table stand up and push their chair in? Students would say: “Stand up and push my chair in” three times as they are standing up from their seat and pushing their chairs in. Students would then stand being their chair. Okay, Jack’s group, go ahead and use your marshmallow toes and quietly come over to the rug and find your spot (Students spots are…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Language Of Poetry

    staring at me because I started to speak, but what stumbles out seems to be foreign from what was in my head. I catch sight of what I am trying to say and I know it is perfect, yet the words are jumbled and hesitant. Everyone contemplating what they have heard, even though I swear they did not come out of my mouth. Which builds a wall between them and I, a language barrier restricting them from me and my mind. I look as though I am clueless, as I am stupid. Expectations of the world around me…

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  • Motivational Speech Class Analysis

    that moment, when I had all eyes on me, I realized how absurd it was for me to be frightened by speaking, or, more specifically, words. Language is an amazing thing, that not everyone in this world has the opportunity to experience the beauty of. The elegance of language is so powerful. It’s insane to think that you can have two different people say the exact same word, yet it can be perceived so differently because of a person 's language. The tone of your voice, your facial expressions, a…

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  • A Narrative Essay About A Day In The Restroom

    denied my accusation, and then aggressively blamed me for making up the whole story. But right after I repeated their every single word without any hesitation, they were finally sorry for what they had done to me. I explained to my classmates that there was nothing wrong to be born with an Asian accent, that we were all English leaners, so why we had to say bad words about each other instead of helping one other, and that we all came here in order to carry out our American dreams, so please…

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  • Religion's Influence On Language

    The world is created not by physical measures, but through language. Empowering the speaker, language enables one to place meaning to a word. Hence, words generate categories and divisions based on the perception of the speaker. Control is gained through the power of the tongue. Along with control, manipulation can be the byproduct of language. In the act of naming, people have the tendency to assume the existence of that object. When interfering with the existential factors of any type of…

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  • Literacy Behind Bars By Malcolm X

    He came to the sense that he needed to learn how to read and write after he couldn 't even read a sentence off a book after he got jealous of one of his prison mates knowledge. Malcolm, spent his time copying every single word in the dictionary and learning each and every word until he was able to pick up a book and actually understand what he was reading. He spent the rest of his time in prison, and even most of his time when he got out of prison, reading books. As Malcolm said, “Reading had…

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  • The Importance Of Inaugural Addresses

    Herbert Stein, “who for 60 years was an economist and connoisseur of American’s political culture,” discovered that the average number of words per sentence for Inaugural Addresses has steadily decreased: “from Washington through Buchanan the average number of words per sentence was 44; from Lincoln through Wilson, 34; since Wilson, 25.” Will believes that “the general shortening of sentences reflects, in part, a change in nature of Inaugural Addresses.” He refers to Teddy Roosevelt who called…

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  • Emily Dickinson Civil War Poetry Analysis

    An image alone has the ability to be worth a thousand words, but paired together with poetry, it expresses much more. Emily Dickinson, an American poet, created true works of art that often had ambiguous meaning. Dickinson’s poetry continuously constructed dominant images that, needless to say, didn’t need illustrations. Emily Dickinson’s Civil War poems specifically, contain descriptions of graphic images that also fit well with the photo taken by American Photographer, Timothy H. O’Sullivan.…

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  • What Words Mean To Me Essay

    Words have a way with me. Some would say I got the expression backwards, but I can’t explain it any other way. Ironic really for a word enthusiast, but the things that mean the most always seem above the words that describe them. A passage leaves a more lasting impression than a piece of art. A novel can strike an awe into me that is bigger, brighter, and more fantastic than the night sky itself. I’m just a word addict in every sense of the term, devouring any book in sight, listening to TED…

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