Water treatment

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  • Wulpen Water Treatment Project Analysis

    constructed with a capacity of 54 cubic meters which uses anaerobic method to pre-treat the black and grey water from the toilet, wash basins etc. Treated effluent was discharged to an existing public sewer and the accumulated sludge was removed once a year and used as fertilizer. The biogas was piped to a nearby café where it was used for cooking. A water trap chamber was installed next to the biogas plant, in order to collect condensed water in the pipe (Rieck and Onyango, 2010). Compared to Africa and other continents of the world, Europe has plenty of water resources and water has long been considered as an inexhaustible…

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  • Ezbet Al Manshyia Well Water Treatment Plant Case Study

    Moraba and Al Manshyia well water treatment plants 2.1. Physicochemical parameters Comparison between different physico chemical parameters was illustrated in table (6) and figures (15,16,17). The mean value of residual chlorine in Ezbet El Moraba well water treatment plant was 0.03 mg/L, while that of Al Manshyia well water treatment plant was 0.14 mg/L. The mean values of turbidity of Ezbet El Moraba and Al Manshyia well water treatment plants were 1.4 NTU and 1.25 NTU, respectively.The…

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  • Case Study: New Belgium Brewing

    conserving water because it is one of the most used resources in the beer producing process. In fact, New Belgium can treat water on site and reuse it, which reduces strain on municipal water treatment plants. AB InBev essentially has the same facilities, but it is more focused on growing barley with a greater efficiency. AB InBev has been directly involved with agricultural production by trying to find better ways of irrigation so that water use is limited. New Belgium, on the other hand, is…

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  • Majis Water Treatment Case Study

    company to another. Also, main problem which is leakage was confronted by Majis water treatment Company. Leakage of the pipe was effected on product and low efficiency of equipment. Also, companies are trying to get same level of product. For example,…

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  • Water Pollution In Canada

    about amongst all the other types of pollution. Another type of pollution that causes severe damage to the environment is water pollution. Water pollution occurs when toxic substances enter water bodies getting dissolved in them. In countries such as India, Afghanistan, and Chad people are drinking water directly from the lakes, oceans, and nearby streams. This water is contaminated by millions of chemicals that are getting ingested into their bodies. They have no other option, but to drink this…

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  • What Effect Does Technology Have On The Environment

    By 2050, it is expected that this ratio will change to 80:20, therefore the need for food will increase. Dickson Despommier said a great statement that “the world would be a much better place if we had vertical farming”. Vertical farming is a process of growing crops in a building that is many stories high, using LED lighting, Cloth Medium, and Aeroponics. Essentially, the plants are created “using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil” 3 , and LED lights that provide the plants the…

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  • The Bio Filtration Process

    Bio-filtration Bio-filter is considered the most important and efficient separation process that is used in the elimination of organic pollutants from water sources. The article focus on the biological processes that are used in bio-filtration and determination of their effectiveness (Acero, 2009). Full-scale laboratory applications of wastewater treatment and bio-filter are discussed and compared with their pollutant removal ability. Filtration is defined as necessary treatment process used…

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  • Cholera Outbreak Case Study

    The Problem: The Haitian Cholera Outbreak We have made many leaps and bounds towards a healthier future, mostly in part due to scientific research, immediate international cooperation, and the proper allocation of resources. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has tracked and confirmed the eradication of worldwide diseases such as smallpox. This also includes the reduction in prevalence for diseases such as measles through aggressive immunization campaigns. We have come to address the…

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  • Lack Access To Clean Water

    Water has proven to be essential to everyday lives; yet many individuals in the world lack access to clean water. People need water to survive because this resource provides many benefits in keeping the human body vigorous. Benefits that comes to drinking water is that it helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids (Zelman). A study shows that the human body is composed of 60% of water, in which it helps in digesting,absorbing, or preserving normal body temperature.Other benefits that are…

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  • Waste Water Case Solution

    This method may cost too much to modify machines, and hiring experts may waste time. In this case, to achieve the goal of fully successful waste-water treatment, it is essential to build a small secondary sewage treatment plant, which the cost is unseasonable high, and the complex operations management must also be equipped with professional worker, which greatly limits its widely used. I doubt any firm will be willing to pay this extra efforts to to use this method to eliminate waste-water. …

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