Water vapor

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  • The Effect Of The Fluidized Bed Model: Model Equations

    4- Temperature gradient within the solid particles is considered. 5- The solid particles are assumed to be spheres with constant radii. 6- All particles are identical and have the same moisture content. 7- The problem is one-dimensional. 4.1.2. Model Equations Mass and Energy Balances on Solids The moisture content of solids is a function of time only due to perfect mixing and negligible diffusion resistance as stated in assumptions 1 and 2. Following assumption 3, air at the solid-air interface is saturated. The driving force of mass transfer is the difference between the vapor pressure of water vapor at the interface temperature and the partial pressure of water vapor in the air bulk at the bulk temperature. And the variation of moisture content of a single particle can be expressed by equation (4.1): (4.1) Applying shell balance on a spherical particle, the energy balance equation of solid particles can be written as in equation (4.2): (4.2) This matches assumptions 4 to 6 that there is a temperature profile inside the particles and the temperature varies with time and particle radius. In order to solve equation (2), two boundary conditions are needed and they are as…

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  • Heat Stress: A Case Study

    hydrochloride (ZH) use in steers resulted in the mobilization of tissue from visceral organs and directed these nutrients to carcass tissues during periods of ZH supplementation (Baxa et al., 2010). The mobilization of non-carcass tissue nutrients results in lower energy requirements for growth and subsequently lower feed intake (Reeds and Mershmann, 1991). However, Macías-Cruz et al., 2010; observed that ZH increases longissimus muscle (LM) area without effects on feedlot performance of ewe…

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  • Heat Of Vaporization Essay

    Introduction Vapor pressure is the pressure of a vapor (gas) at equilibrium; equilibrium occurs when there is no net change between the amount of liquid and the amount of vapor because they balance each other. When the temperature of water becomes extremely low, as it does in this experiment, the rate of vaporization does not matter. The objective of this experiment is to determine the experimental heat of vaporization and compare it to the accepted heat of vaporization of water (40.7 kj/mol).…

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  • The Benefits Of Humanitarian Engineering

    Thus through the planting vegetation on the riverbank a process known as evapotranspiration will occur and thus increase the cooling factor. “Evapotranspiration is the term used to describe the part of the water cycle which removes liquid water from an area with vegetation and into the atmosphere by the processes of both transpiration and evaporation, (About Evapotranspiration, 2016).” the location of the project is the broken down hydroelectric station in a weir in proximity of the camp,…

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  • Photocatalyst Analysis Of Tio2

    Since the water splitting reaction using semiconductor electrode reported by Fujishima et al. in 1972 [1], there is increasing interest in the development of metal oxide photocatalysts for environmentally friendly applications such as air purification [2], hydrogen production via water splitting [3] and the removal of organic molecules from water [4]. Recently, photocatalyst thin film has aroused growing interests instead of a powder type of photocatalyst. Photocatalyst film can be deposited…

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  • Boiling Point Lab Report

    appearance and temperature of range of water that is lukewarm, scalding, simmering and boiling point. On top of that, we also need to determine the factors that boiling temperature of water alone and with various ingredients added. In this experiment, appearance and temperature range of water will be determined. Various amount of ingredient will be added and changed in boiling point will be observed. Result show that, from 28°C to 35°C the range of water is called lukewarm, from 65°C to 91°C…

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  • Difference Between Simple And Fractional Distillation

    remove the ethanol from the water. Fractional distillation is proven to be the more effective method to get the highest percent ethanol by volume and weight, as seen with the data in the tables. From a simple distillation, we were about to obtain 75% ethanol by weight, as opposed to the fractional…

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  • Sodium Hydrate Lab Report

    information detailing what chemical properties make up the structure of a salt hydrate. It provided essential knowledge proceeding to the successful completion of this lab such as the idea that hydrates are salt compounds which have formed weak bonds to water molecules that can easily be broken through the use of heat. With this information in mind, it was expected that a series of procedural guidelines following this information be used to aid in the identification of the chemical change taking…

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  • Importance Of Water In Our Life

    What is water? Why is water vital to life? What makes water unique? Water is the most abundant compound on Earth and the universal solvent in which the chemistry of the life processes has developed over billions of years. Water has unique chemical and physical properties that make life on Earth possible; it plays a key role in the cycling nutrients on our planet and it is the only common substance that you can find as a solid, a liquid, and a gas. Water exists in every living being, it…

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  • Freezing Point Lab Report

    Freezing point is the temperature for a particular compound where the liquid freezes to form a solid (Chemistry Dictionary). If salt is added to water, it freezes at lower temperatures. If there are fewer water molecules, then freezing occurs at a slower rate (Salt and the Freezing Point of Water). Pure water freezes at 0º Celsius, but water that is combined with salt will freeze at a temperature less than 0º Celsius (Oleson, Andrew and Daly, Terik). A solvent is something in which other things…

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