Short Summary: The Solution To Sewage

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The Solution to Sewage: Sewage Management. Immediately she felt weak, everything went dark and she fell. Victoria Brown is but, a young girl that lives by the river bank in Ikeja, Lagos. She lives there with her mother, alongside with other people who cannot afford a furnished home. She was rushed to the nearby hospital after she lost consciousness. The doctor carried out a few tests on her. She kept on throwing up and she could not eat. Her mother was worried about her only child. The doctor asked to speak with her mother after Victoria was diagnosed of diarrhea. “What kind of water do you drink?” Her mother replied, “We drink the water by the river bank.” The doctor discharged Victoria with some drug prescription. He followed them home to …show more content…
Ingestion of raw sewage can lead to a variety of infectious diseases. It is liquid making it easy to spread around causing pollution. “Wastewater from your shower, bathtub, washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen sink and toilet is all considered sewage- it isn’t just from the toilet.” (CHW). Sewage comes from our homes, business places and other places. It compromises for the most part of greywater (from sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers and garments washers), black water (the water used to flush toilets, joined with the human waste that it flushes away); soaps, detergents and toilet paper. 99% of sewage is just dirty water, the rest is just solids, chemicals, nutrients and nasties. (Unity water). Fig. 1. Raw sewage in local waters, the environment is not fit for living both for animals and humans. (Zyglis). Sewage has affected the condition of people and environment negatively. The sight of sewage sludge irritates and disgust a person. The effects of sewage have been researched and listed by various experts. The exposure to sewage often result in a number of diseases. These includes;
Table 1.0. Showing the diseases/infection and its effects on humans. (HSE
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Furthermore, infection of skin or eyes and rarely, allergic alveolitis (inflammation of the lung) with fever, breathlessness, dry cough and acting muscles and joints. (HSE 2). “Although the ocean covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, it is surprisingly vulnerable to human influences such as overfishing, pollution from run-off, and dumping of waste from human activity. This kind of pollution can have serious economic and health impacts by killing marine life and damaging habitats and ecosystems.” (Marine Bio par. 1) People do not know about these diseases and infections because, they are no enough policies to educate people about the effects of sewage. The responsibility of the government is to create awareness on the dangers of sewage. The government must organize awareness campaigns. Where they talk to the people about the dangers of sewage and a polluted environment. They must also give out leaflets to its citizens as a reminder of the effects of sewage. Posters, banners, billboards and also advertisement must be put up on sewage and its effect on people and the environment.

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