Ventromedial prefrontal cortex

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  • Motor, Sensory, And Interneurons And Three Types Of The Brain

    The main three sections of the brain are the hindbrain, the limbic system, and the cerebral cortex. The hindbrain consists of the medulla which is directly above the spinal cord and controls breathing, heartbeat, and other vital life functions like the things we don’t have conscious control over. It also has pons which are in the uppermost level…

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  • Korsakoff Syndrome Analysis

    When the body becomes exposed to chronic exposure to alcohol the body will adapt to changes thus causing different responses to it. A person that drinks alcohol all the time will build up a tolerance to alcohol and will not get the effect as a person that drinks once and while or rarely drinks. The brain will start to develop a pathological craving for alcohol, longer the chronic drinker uses alcohol the stronger the desires become to fulfill them. If the body does not get the desired fix of…

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  • Dynamical Systems Analysis

    INTRODUCTION The human brain has a remarkable ability to manage the body functions, and process the information that allows us to act on a changeable external environment. To achieve these functions, during evolution, it developed a large computing power, and specialized functions, such as cognition, emotion and consciousness. With approximately 86 billion neurons (Herculano-Houzel, 2009), each neuron has approximately hundreds up to thousands of synapses, it has high structural complexity, and…

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  • The Nature Of Things Essay

    In this episode of The Nature of Things, multiple techniques are explained by Dr. Norman Doidge, that help to improve the function of brain; allowing for better injury recovery. This study includes treatments for, severe causes of autism, traumatic brain injury recovery, Parkinson’s, and a girl missing one-third of her cerebellum. Specifically, these treatments include light treatment, sound treatment, using other brain regions to complete everyday tasks, and passing electrical currents through…

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  • The Brain: The Most Complex Organ In Human Body

    Anatomy of cerebral cortex: Brain is most complex organ in human body. The ability of brain for its functioning normally is manifestation of various activities it takes participation in various activities of day to day life, being it hidden from the view or perceptible, like walking, smelling, thinking, laughing, speaking, and hearing. These manifestations are results of very coordinated and complex electrical and chemical activity within and between the cells those makes up our brain. Abnormal…

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  • Gastric Reflux Disease Essay

    patterns of the upper motor neurons. The cerebellum receives its input from the spinal cord in form of mossy fibers that project from the pons and spinocerebellar pathways. Mossy fibers contribute the information necessary for the output from the motor cortex and sensory information about the state of the body. In addition, it also receives input from climbing fibers that project from the inferior olive, of which contribute information about the errors in movement. These climbing…

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  • The New Science Of Learning Essay

    The New Science of Learning is a book by Terry Doyle and Todd Zakrajsek. We read the book and discussed it in groups in our English class; to learn more about our specific styles of learning. Reading this book, I really got a feel for what is good for my brain and what activities I can participate in to further my learning. Sleep, Hydration, and your diet play a very important part in your brain’s activity. My sleep schedule is very erratic. I let little things such as my phone and my tv,…

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  • Sponge To The Human Brain

    Picture a sponge. A common household item that is very simple yet useful. Now compare that sponge to the human brain. It’s porousness allows outside substances to seep in and be collected. The sponge grows and holds more than expected of it. Much like the sponge, our brain can absorb and retain valuable resources. Without the brain, humans would not be able to function. The brain, a highly complex part of the human anatomy, is in charge of one’s intelligence, the senses, producer of all body…

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  • Drugs Affecting The Human Body

    The human brain is undoubtedly the most complex organ in the human body. This three-pound mass of jelly-like, dark and gray tissue controls all human activity. From walking to driving a car to breathing, the brain is the center of all the action in our everyday lives. The brain maintains your body’s basic functions, enables you to understand and react to your experiences and forms your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior. It consists of many parts that all collaborate as a team with one…

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  • Serial Killers Essay

    A lot of people want to blame the parents of the offenders, asking “what did you turn your child into?” 36% of serial killers were physically abused, 26% were sexually abused, and 50% were psychologically abused (Mitchell and Aamodt 45). Many people have logically come to the conclusion that just because someone is abused, it does not mean that they will become a serial killer; or even a murderer; which is true. In the general population (people who have never committed murder) only 6% are…

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