Ventromedial prefrontal cortex

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Trauma On The Brain

    Perry (1999) states that it was originally thought that higher brain functions in the cortex were able to control the lower primitive brain regions and it was this pervasive thought that influenced many therapeutic approaches. In recent years researchers have come to understand that under normal developmental conditions the prefrontal cortex is able to inhibit, organize and modulate the lower brain; however, in children who have experienced trauma the organization is altered. Perry (2012) goes…

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  • Charlie Rose Brain Series Summary

    experiencing she was hospitalized and after five years of been hospitalized she died. Alois Alzheimer did the autopsy to this woman and he found the three characteristics of alzheimer disease. He noticed a shrink in her brain particular in the cerebral cortex, plaques were outside the neural cells and also there was tangle…

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  • Self Control Behavior Analysis

    She thinks this is one of the most important distinctions between adolescents and adults. Luna (2007) She says: “Teenagers use more of their prefrontal cortex resources than adults did.” (P.56) Prefrontal cortex is not only responsible for underlies planning but also voluntary behavior. Luna says there are two kinds of self-control behavior. The exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous control is reflexive, and it is generated by…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multitasking

    Your driving your new car down the streets with pride of how your father gave it to you as a present on your birthday. Unless somebody else behind you driving too. Is trying to multitask by texting and driving. And BOOM your new car is damaged by an idiot who tried to be a multitasker. What is multitasking? When I hear the word multitasking I think about how we ourselves do something by adding one or more things into a task. A good example is of us teenagers listening to music while doing…

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  • The Importance Of Music Education In Schools

    I believe, as a teacher, that all students should have the opportunity to explore and develop themselves as musicians. This could happen through formal teacher instruction. Music being taught in schools can help two ways. It can create an appreciation for music and help the students form their own type of music which they identify with. The students musical identity can be developed through processes such as performance and academic study. The goal of music education is to produce strong…

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  • Primate Brain Abilities

    One of the most expensive organs in the human body is the brain. The physiological task of the brain includes receiving information from the rest of the body, deducing that information, and then guiding the body’s response to it. The brain also helps perform vital processes such as maintaining blood pressure, releasing hormones, and respiratory functions. For a while, many scientists thought that all mammalian brains (including the human brain) were made in the same way. Therefore, it is fair to…

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  • Knee Protesting Theory

    stabilise the joint (Schultz RA et al1984). Injuries, including ACL tears, are likely to disrupt this process. Spinal motor neuron receives afferent information from both ipsilateral and contralateral limbs (Cuadrado ML et al 1999). In the cerebral motor cortex cross-connections between…

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  • Biological Approach To Psychology Essay

    human behavior is linked, somehow or someway, to the brain’s functions. According to the beliefs of these psychologists, each area of the brain influences different thinking and behavior. For example, language in humans is controlled by the cerebral cortex, but it contains two separate subsections. Broca’s area controls the production of speech and Wernicke’s area controls the comprehension of speech. Apart from the individual roles parts of the brain play, one’s behavior is also linked to the…

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  • Mozart Influence

    Some areas of the brain include the frontal cortex, motor cortex (both front and back areas), temporal lobe, the auditory cortex, and also includes the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Due to the demanding tasks that playing music has on the body, enhancement in intellect can be proven when a child plays an instrument after a…

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  • Amygdala Case Study

    nervous system in response to witnessing the visual stimuli. The amygdala is involved amongst this series of events as LeDoux (1996) stated that the visual pathway stemming from the retina travels towards the thalamus and then unto the primary visual cortex, to which information is then passed to the amygdala for “emotional…

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