Ventromedial prefrontal cortex

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  • The Importance Of Social Intelligence

    that there are two neural pathways of the brain function and they are the high road and low road thinking. The difference between these two ways is, high road thinking is a slow and deep- level thinking by using the new brain as known as the cerebral cortex to think of the logic, sequential, non-emotional, conscious and verbal communication. However, low road thinking is using the old brain (amygdala) as known as a limbic system to process emotions, holistic, non-verbal communication,…

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  • Effects Of Marijuana On Marijuana

    Marijuana is a very controversial topic in today’s society. Everybody from local potheads, to priests, are talking about marijuana. Researchers have studied the psychological effects of marijuana on an adolescents’ (14-17) and adult’s brain, such as their impulsivity, attention, memory and decision making. Hypothesis Ultimately because marijuana is such a controversial topic, researchers have decided to study marijuana and its lasting effects, mostly on adolescents, because “one out of ten teens…

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  • Brain Development Paragraph

    Brain Development Length The human body it’s in a constant change and development, physical and intellectual development from the conception until it dies. Besides the heart, the brain is considered the most important organ of our body. The brain starts its development from the nine to sixteen week of gestation and it continues growing and improving through the time and experiences. The brain development starts very fast in the infancy and becomes slower through the lifespan. In the first months…

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  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat Summary

    In the book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacks, the author describes odd psychological phenomenons in which he’s had personal experience with. Sacks describes multiple patients with lack, in the first part of his book, and patients with abundances, in the second part of the book, and transfer, in the third part of his book, of physiological features or abilities. The first of the studies in this book that were found the most interesting is the inspiration of the title. Dr. P…

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  • The Human Brain: Use It Or Lose It

    In the attempts to quantify the relationship between brain mass and function, Lashley removed large areas of the cerebral cortex in rats and pigeons, and found that they could still perform specific tasks. It must be said that media play their part in spreading and keeping the myth alive. In reality, humans use one hundred percent of their brain. From the perspective of neuroscience…

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  • Adolescent Brain Development

    drink heavily. The changes of the brain were detected when researchers studied brain scans of children as they grew from early childhood through age 20.The scans revealed unexpectedly changes in the volume of gray matter, which forms the cortex of the brain. The cortex is where the processes of thought and memory are based.…

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  • Human Brain Case Study

    under the occipital bone. Damage to the occipital lobe can result in some major medical problems. Occipital lesions can cause visual hallucinations, vision cuts in each eye, and in more serious cases can lead to blindness due to holes in the visual cortex caused by lesions. Like the parietal and frontal lobes, the temporal lobe is responsible for many functions as well. The temporal lobe is associated with perception and Burton 3 recognition of auditory, memory, and speech stimuli. Visual…

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  • Interrupt The Pattern Analysis

    Chapter four: Interrupt the Pattern Interrupting the pattern is the first step to unconscious branding. The mind leads the brains to action working through a process of recognized patterns. Shifting people’s attention and behaviors, requires doing something that disrupts the norm. Perception allows humans to see with their brain. It is an ongoing effort between expectations and incoming sensory data. When thing people observe fit thier expectations, they become unconscious to, requiring no…

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  • Video Summary: A Map Of The Brain

    The first video, titled “A Map of the Brain” featuring Allan Jones had the main focus of the significance of obtaining knowledge and understanding of the human brain. He begins to explain neurons, synapses, proteins, and the genomes which are encoded in said proteins. He goes on to say that the genomes carry 23 chromosomes which carry “roughly” 25,000 genes; his lab team has the project of looking at the readout of the genes and figuring out how the nature of the underlying chemistry in cells…

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Trauma On The Brain

    Perry (1999) states that it was originally thought that higher brain functions in the cortex were able to control the lower primitive brain regions and it was this pervasive thought that influenced many therapeutic approaches. In recent years researchers have come to understand that under normal developmental conditions the prefrontal cortex is able to inhibit, organize and modulate the lower brain; however, in children who have experienced trauma the organization is altered. Perry (2012) goes…

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