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  • Egg Drop Essay

    egg-dropping requires knowledge of free-fall physics. The most basic formula to know is v = d/t, or velocity is equal to the distance divided by the elapsed time. In the test simulation, the device is dropped at a distance of 75 feet or 22.86 meters, and the average elapsed time is 2.223 seconds. Using these two values, substituted into the formula, the velocity is determined to be 10.2834 meters per second. Velocity is a vector quantity with direction and magnitude. In the case of the device,…

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  • The Principle Of Centrifugation

    It has units of seconds. A sedimentation coefficient of 1x10-13 seconds is defined as one Svedberg, S. Conclusion: • The sedimentation velocity of a particle is directly proportional to its phase. • A dense particle moves more rapidly than a less dense one because the opposing buoyant force is smaller for a dense particle. • The sedimentation velocity depends also on the density of the solution (ρ). Particle sinks when vρ1. Relative Centrifugation Field:…

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  • Summary Of Milton Friedman's Proportionality Theory

    economic equation of exchange. MV=PY where Money supply/Quantity of money. On the other hand, V=Velocity of money circulation, while P and Y represent General Price and Real national income respectively. The according to Milton Friedman, the equation means that the total value of the quantity of money multiplied by velocity equals the money value acquired at the output. Regarding the equation of exchange, Velocity is presumed to remain constant. On the other hand, changes in M produce a similar…

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  • SWAN Model Analysis

    space, t is time,θ is wave direction, σ is relative frequency, S_tot is the source term total, and c_g represents the propagation velocity. The first term in the left hand side of the equation represents the local rate of change of action density in time. The second and third terms represent propagation of N in geographic space, accounting for shoaling as the group velocity c_g decreases in shallow water. The…

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  • Isaac Newton Research Paper

    Daniella Vidaurreta Physics April 8, 2015 Isaac Newton Isaac Newton, also known as one of the best mathematician and physicist of all time. Newton was born into a poor farming family and lost his father three months before being born. In 1661 Newton was sent to Cambridge University and began studying mathematics. Soon after, Cambridge University broke out in a plague causing everyone to evacuate. Through out the plague years of 1665 and 1666 Newton made the most significant discoveries…

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  • Ohm's Law: Explain The Relationship Between Electric Current, Voltage, And Resistance

    Because of this continuous collision, the average velocity of free electrons decreases. Hence, the number of free electrons flowing from one point to another point within the conductor gets decreases. Therefore, the electric current decreases. If the voltage applied to the conductor is increased If the voltage or electric field applied to the conductor is increased, the free electrons gains large amount of kinetic energy. Hence, the velocity of the free electrons increases. When the free…

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  • Bottle Rocket Engine Lab Report

    equation for Fthrustis as follows: ()(velocity)+(pressure)(nozzle area). The nozzle of the rocket is where the fuel was poured through and where the rocket was applied to the launcher. The equation for finding the area of a circle or circular area is r2. The amount of pressure for the rocket remained constant throughout all of the test launches, which was an amount of 80LB in2. As required, the amount of pressure was converted from LBin2to Nm2. The way to find velocity was previously stated.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fast Boat

    ideas were put into the construction of the boat. After many tests. The group had finally gotten the best time on the boat. Then the data from the tests was used to find the efficiency of the boat. Along with the rest of the data, the group found the velocity of each test. In the end, the group was able to figure out the buoyancy of the boat. The main objective for the group was, testing the boat with and without a rudder. The rudder helps the boat go straight. The first test for the boat…

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  • Golf Balls Lab Report

    Introduction It has been a puzzling question in fluid mechanics for quite some time as to why golf balls are designed with dimples. In the 1800’s it was discovered that a ball with scuffs in it flew through the air more consistently than a smooth golf ball.6 Manufacturers started incorporating patterns to golf balls to try and find which gave a more stable and reliable flight pattern. In the 1900’s it was determined that the strategic placement of indentations maximizes lift while minimizing…

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  • Case Study: Blood Flow As A Casson Fluid

    chemical and physical levels is something that has always fascinated me. This problem, and others in the section on blood flow, offered me a chance to delve deeper into how the body works as well as transport phenomena. The problem gave us a solved velocity distribution for flow of a Casson fluid in a very narrow blood vessel. The blood in this case is treated as a two phase fluid where the phases are governed by a constitutive equation relating shear stress, viscosity, and shear rate. This…

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