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  • The Mamluks In Ancient Egypt

    Egypt was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1517, following the Ottoman-Mamluk War, and Syria was absorbed into the Empire in 1516. Egypt was always a difficult (eyalet) province for the Ottoman Sultans to control, mainly due to the continuing power and influence of the Mamluks, the Egyptian military caste who had ruled the country for centuries; this left Egypt as semi-autonomous under the Mamluks, until 1798. However, Egypt was in disorder due to dissension among the ruing Mamluk elite.…

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  • Samuel Johnson's Letter To An Unamed Woman

    Umar Malick 1SW, IWA, Q2 In his letter to a unamed woman, Samuel Johnson regretfully has to inform the woman that her son had not been accepted into a university, but does so in a way that he builds an arguement that avers his claim whilst also offering his sympathy to the unamed woman. Mr. Johnson then goes on to write about the flawed and often sugar coated version of what the definition of happiness has become. Throughout the essay Mr. Johnson uses diction to support his beliefs as for…

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  • Al-Shabaab Research Paper

    Throughout the 21st century Somali terrorists have terrorized the land and sea of the horn of Africa. Somalia is a country that has been plagued with civil war since 1986. In Somalia right now there are two major Islamic terrorist groups. Theses groups are known as Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda. From what these terrorist groups have done, Somalia is ;left with close to nothing to build it back up. Somalia cannot overcome this issue of terrorism because of Al-Shabaab, terrorists taking over the nation,…

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  • Mosque In Islam Research Paper

    This is viewed as the most important place of the mosque as it is the place of prayer. In most parts of India, women do not have the right to pray in the mosque. However, in Allah’s Apostle ibn ‘umar says “ Do prevent women from praying at the mosque. Yet, their prayer at home is better for them." This place allows Muslims to say their prayers to Allah. In order for Muslims to say their prayers, they have to make sure their prayer space is clean…

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  • Essay On Black Consciousness

    When discussing the movement of Black Consciousness or African Consciousness one has to identify as Black or African which are defined differently depending on a person’s individual understanding of black history. Many people say, “knowing your history doesn’t matter”, and “history should be forgotten, if it is something that continuously evokes painful emotions”. However, others believe that it is vital to know and love one’s self and one’s culture. It is believed that this is important not…

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  • The Prophet Muhammad's Influence On Islam

    Islam is a religion that has spread to over 1.5 billion people since the death of Muhammad in 632 C.E. Since his death, there have been countless people that have left their mark on the lives of many Muslims across the world and helped transform Islam into the dominant faith that it is today. Specifically, those who were the closest to Muhammad are seen as having some of the deepest impacts on the Islamic faith other than Muhammad himself. Ali Talib, is not only the cousin of the Prophet…

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  • Islamic Feminism In Islam

    Feminism is a way of looking at the world, where women are seen less equal to men. It is a way of classifying that there is male dominance, and it is a scheme that in the social and political context demises women (Osborne, 2001). Islamic feminism can be gathered through understanding the decree from Qur’an and hadith which defines the rights and justice for women and men. Islamic feminism is highly criticised and it is also acknowledged by a lot of people. Due to misinterpretation there is a…

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  • Boko-Haram: Terrorist Organization

    Boko-Haram designated as a Terrorist Organization Boko-Harams affiliation with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a regional terrorist network operating in North Africa, evoked concerns from international policy makers (Taylor, L.). The two terrorist groups were thought to be sharing funds, training, explosive materials, and aspirations to expand their focus outside Africa to encompass Europe and the United States (Taylor, L.). Boko-Haram targeted the United Nations building in Abuja with…

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  • How Did Muhammad Contribute To The Rise Of Islam

    During the time before Islam was established two empires were ruling the region, the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire. At this point in time the Arabs of the region were not united into one entity so were not strong enough to fight off the empires controlling them. Muhammad was the founder of the Islamic faith and to the people of Islam, he was their prophet. Muhammad began his life born into a merchant family and grew up to become a caravan manager. At one point in his life point he…

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  • Bubonic Plague In European Middle Ages

    Epidemic diseases in the European middle ages were spread rapidly and caused catastrophic demographic decline. This was due to the living conditions, trade routes and densely populated cities were the core reasons that prompted the highly contagious diseases to spread of the diseases from its origin in the steppe lands of Turkestan, towards Europe and Africa. In contrast to Europe, societies in the near east and Africa were subjected to different experiences and effects related to the pandemic,…

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