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  • Politics Of Piety Summary

    Book review: Mahmood, Saba (2005) Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Politics of Piety is about the formation of Islamic female subjects in Cairo, Egypt. In this monograph, Saba Mahmood follows the lives of participants of a female mosque movement. Her informants attend weekly prayers and religious lessons at local mosques in a conscious effort at religious furtherance. The mosque movement emerged in recent decades as part of…

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  • The Significance Of The Quran And The Quran 17: 9

    The word Quran, is equivalent in meaning to “qira 'ah,” as both come from the verb “qara 'a” which means “to read.” Quran literally means “a reading or reciting.” However, the term Quran has been historically used specifically to refer to the book which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The term Quran is mentioned in a number of places throughout the book in reference to itself. For example, "Verily, this Quran guides (humanity) to that which is most just” Noble Quran 17:9.…

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  • The Tragic Events Of The First Crusade

    Over a hundred thousand people died during the time of the First Crusade. The First Crusade was a devastatingly long fight between the Christians and the Seljuk Turks for many reasons, but the main reason being because the Seljuk Turks were residing in Jerusalem. The Christians had many reasons for starting the First Crusade which impacted the Christian and Islamic relationship forever. The capture of Jerusalem by the Muslim forces along with the letter sent to Pope Urban II by Emperor Alexius I…

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  • Differences Of Umayyad Fatimid And Idrisid

    In this essay, I am going to assess and analyze between 3 dynasties, namely, Umayyad, Fatimid and Idrisid. By these meant, to make a comparison between these 3 dynasties in term of political, social and economic and the tension arise between Umayyad and Fatimid and what contributed to their decline – however, this will be focusing more on Fatimid and Idrisid while Umayyad as a background. The emergence of Umayyad was when Uthman was killed by mutinous Egyptian troops, therefore his second…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Caliph

    INTRODUCTION Etymology and Definition The term caliph brings many definition especially when analysed in the light of the world's history. According to Apple dictionary, the word 'caliph' is originated from late Middle English which stems from Old French 'caliphe', from Arabic kalīfa which means 'deputy of god' from the title kalīfat Allah or meaning 'successor of Muhammad’ from the title kalifat rasul Allah or of the Messenger of God from kalafa which is 'succeed'. However it is interesting…

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  • Importance Of Mathematics In The Philippines

    INTRODUCTION Mathematics plays an important role in the academe. It is one of the most valued subject matter in the Educational system all over the country. Students are taking this from elementary, secondary, tertiary until Doctoral degree (for some individuals who will pursue Mathematics-related degree in Doctoral degree). In order to solve a problem, the first step is to understand it. Knowing the situation is key to providing the appropriate solution. Again, this parallels good practice in…

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  • The Holy Quran Essay

    as Taba’een stage. o It covers the lifetime of the followers of the companions of the Holy Prophet. During this time, graeter attention was given to the compilation of scattered traditions as many companions began to die. The UmmayadCaliph, Hazrat Umar Bin AbdulAziz issued the order of compilation. o In compliance with this order, all the Hadith were gathered into one compilation. o As the century progressed, more authentic works started to come into light. Such as, Imam…

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  • Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam

    Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam was of colossal importance to the development of Islamic militant radicalism and his ideas were a significant foundational support of the establishment and structure of al-Qaeda. Azzam was born in 1941 in Jenin, Palestine, where previously to Azzam’s birth, the British under the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was under the obligation of providing and maintaining in Palestine, a nation for the home of the Jewish people. This declaration was made between the Foreign Secretary…

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  • Analysis Of Saba Mahmood's Politics Of Piety

    In Politics of Piety, Saba Mahmood does an amazing job at portraying the women’s mosque movement in Egypt in a new, less reductionistic light as opposed to the conventional approaches used by many scholars of feminism and theorists of agency. While Mahmood’s book revolves around these popular piety movements of the 90s, this book is much more than just an ethnographic inquiry; it is a scathing critique of secular liberal feminism, which has at times been exploited to serve imperial projects and…

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  • Differences Between Christianity And Islam

    Turn on the television and there likely will be news reports of Islamic radicals attacking and killing groups of people for some reason or another. Countless reports of extremists who carry out their massacres in the name of God make it difficult for some to see and to understand how Christianity and Islam share many of the same values. God gives Moses the ten commandments in Exodus 20:3-17, making clear the values of Christianity. Likewise, the Quran includes a version of the ten…

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