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  • Muhammad Ali Essay

    PSYCHOLOGY: Muhammad Ali Pasha was an Ottoman Albanian authority in the Ottoman armed forces, which rose to the rank of Pasha, and got to be Wali, and self-proclaimed Khedive of Egypt and Sudan with the Ottomans' impermanent endorsement. Despite the fact that not a present day patriot, he is viewed as the originator of cutting edge Egypt due to the sensational changes in the military, financial and social circles that he organized. He likewise governed Levantine regions outside Egypt. The…

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  • Analysis Of Procopius Secret History

    Document analysis is a very important method in historical interpretation. In this paper I will analyze four readings and discuss the motivation, intent, and purpose of each document within a specific historical context while focusing on author bias as well as the value of the document itself. The four historical documents that will be analyzed are as followed; “Perpetua’s Diary”, “Procopius’ Secret History”, “The Women from the Suras”, and “Pact of Kumar”. The first document, “Perpetua’s…

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  • Islam Is Growing Relatively Fast

    We might think that Christianity is the most popular religion at this point, which is true. Scholars believe that in the mid-21st century Islam will be the largest in the world. Today the numbers are to an astounding 6 million Muslims that believe in Islam religion. Looking ahead to important figures, the geographic stand point, and important timeline events will help us better understand why Islam religion is growing relatively fast. This religion is a monotheistic tradition, which means…

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  • Muslim Response To Terrorism

    Terrorist attacks forefront American media and grab the World’s attention because they amount to a large number of casualties. A vast sum of the attacks are committed by groups that attribute their actions to a fight in the name of Allah, god. Because the terror attacks are carried out by Islamic terror groups, the Muslim population developed a negative reputation as they commonly are associated with the violence. The entirety of Islam followers is lambasted by others for the actions of a few…

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  • Divine Law Vs Man Made Law Essay

    2.1.2 Submission - Speaker 2 The honourable chairman, I speaks as the second speaker for the motion of Man-made law are more superior to Divine law. Therefore, I would stand on the position that Divine law are superior to Man-made laws. The first submission is that man-made laws are made with personal desire of the maker or enacter. Man made laws may be implemented in an unjust manner by corrupted person, Lord Acton had once stated “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.…

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  • The Islamic Intellectual Tradition

    The relationship between rationality and religious scripture has often been seen as a contentious one. Especially in the European intellectual tradition, much has been made of the dichotomy between medieval blind following of the Catholic clergy and the Age of Enlightenment, based on science and reason, which succeeded it. The infamous Galileo affair in the 1610’s if oftentimes cited by modern partisans of science as proof of the inherent incompatibility of religious belief and scientific,…

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  • Why Did Italy Want To Rule

    It was not until the late 19th Century that Italy became a unified state. Without a navy of considerable size, Italy was unable to participate in what was called the ‘scramble for Africa’, this was when Europe had essentially partitioned Africa. However, Italy did manage to obtain a few small and poor colonies in East Africa. They wanted Tunisia but this was seized by France. Italy argued that, as Tunisia was only a few miles away from Sicily, it had a right to Tunisia due to proximity . Since…

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  • The Message Movie Essay

    “The Message” is a 1976 film that is directed by a man named Mustapha Akkad. This film is related to the life and times of the prophet of Islam, which is Muhammad. Mecca, is the city where Islam begun, also this is the place where most altercations took place. Mecca is the place in which the Muslims were also persecuted. After the persecutions the Muslims had to flee for their safety. A journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina occurred. It concluded with…

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  • The Impact Of Commerce And Technology On Islamic Civilization

    The entire world was impacted with the Islamic civilization. Areas of commerce, technology, medicine, navigation, astronomy, and other scientific areas were touched by the hand of new discoveries brought forth by the learning centers of the Islamic world. The Islamic caliphates had an economy that was flourishing due to the established trade routes. The procession of people trading through the region also spawned the development of technologies, ideas, and spread the religion of Islam across…

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  • Politics Of Piety Summary

    Book review: Mahmood, Saba (2005) Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Politics of Piety is about the formation of Islamic female subjects in Cairo, Egypt. In this monograph, Saba Mahmood follows the lives of participants of a female mosque movement. Her informants attend weekly prayers and religious lessons at local mosques in a conscious effort at religious furtherance. The mosque movement emerged in recent decades as part of…

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