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  • The Role Of Cars In The 50's

    Cars in the 1950’s In the 1950’s, one in six Americans were employed in the automobile industry. America was growing rapidly. The 50’s were considered the “Golden Age” of the 20th Century. World War II was over and manufacturing was on a roll. Automobiles became a big part of life. The car industry in the 1950’s were effected by a few key things that happened during that century. As a matter of fact the 1950’s were some of the most influential times in history. World War II ended in…

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  • Essay On Loma Prieta Earthquake

    In October 1989, a 7.1 earthquake shook central California in Loma Prieta and made its way to Oakland and around the bay area. This earthquake caused billions in damages with 3,800 people injured and left 62 people dead. My mother was living in Oakland at the time and remembers a lot when the earthquake hit. Although my parents were not together at the time of the earthquake my dad also experienced the shake all the way in Novato, California. The aftermath of the earthquake really caused many to…

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  • Female Narcotics Crime: Article Analysis

    The articles that will be used to support the topic of Female Drug Lords are “A Social Description of Female Narcotics Crime” by T.M. Iavchunovskaia and I.B. Stepanova, “Female Drug Smugglers on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Gender, Crime, and Empowerment“ by Howard Campbell, “Women’s Gender Performances and Cultural Heterogeneity In the Illegal Drug Economy” by Heidi Grundetjern, “Black from Crack” by Spirit Quest, and lastly “The Daughters of La Nacha: Profiles of Women Traffickers” by Elaine Carey…

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  • Case Study: Outlaw ATV

    Who are the best producers of Outlaw ATV tires? In my opinion, the best producer of Outlaw ATV tires is High Lifter company Who is High Lifter Company? The Company has been producing and marketing unique, aftermarket accessories for utility, ATVs, UTVs and RUVs for 4 wheel drive since 1996. In a short time, the High Lifter Company has developed from a one-man, 35 employees to multi-million dollar corporation. What products are the best Outlaw ATV tires? They are Outlaw ATV tires and Outlaw ATV 2…

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  • Differences Between Slavery And Human Trafficking

    or trafficked to other different nation. The different between human trafficking and human smuggling are: Human Trafficking includes the harbouring or recruitment of individuals with the end goal of abuse (usually for forced labor or in the sex industry). Traffickers use…

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  • Human Rights Violations In South Sudan

    Human right violations happen everywhere, but Sudan has its own violations that happen every single day. “The South Sudan Authorities have failed to adequately investigate” (Issa, 2013). It is believed that the government and police do not help their citizens when in need or investigate crimes adequately. “There is an increasing amount acknowledgement of child marriage as a serious human rights problem in South Sudan” (Odhiambo, 2011). Child or forced marriage is a serious issue in Sudan. Young…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Cars

    Do you think Americans should find a new way for transportation or use what we use today known as cars? We should think of new ways for transportation because our cars that we use today are not good because of the cost of them, what they do for the environment, and American’s exercise. The costs of cars are very expensive, and the cost of owning a car is already on average $8,876 per year. You also would have to pay for gas and if you travel, go to work, or just to go shopping its gas that…

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  • Reflective Essay: Purchasing My First Car

    Almost every wide eyed child wishes they were older to enjoy the imagined thrill of driving a car or even having candy for dinner. However, reality strikes hard when on the cusp of adulthood. The very first glimpses of maturity are revealed during the last years of high school and finally present themselves with a coming of age item a car. To parents a car comes as a precursor to watching their little ones leaving the nest. My experiences with my first car gave me personal insight on the…

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  • Paacar MX-13 Argumentative Essay

    Deciding to expand your fleet, upgrade your current rig, or going solo as an Owner/Operator is a big step, one that could cost you a ton of money. At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, they have a huge selection of the T680 Kenworth at low prices, so you can get the truck you want at a price you can afford. The T680 Kenworth's PACCAR MX-13 Engine Billed as Kenworth's most aerodynamic truck, the T680 Kenworth takes fuel economy to new levels. Under the hood is the PACCAR MX-13 engine, a 12.9 Liter…

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  • Farmer In Chief Vs Hightower's

    recognized as factory farms, which are designed to produce a large quantity of cheap calories, making it possible for the average American to consume 190 pounds of meat alone in a given year. CAFOs have also brought a lot of problems to the food industry. The animals are fed large quantities of cheap surplus grains such as corn. These surplus grains have taken the nutrients of soil and are injected with fast growth chemicals. These chemicals are then transferred to humans when they eat the meat…

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