The Importance Of Car Parking Space

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Everyone wants to own a car whether rich or poor. The driving force behind buying a car is “need”. Mindset of our society is that they linked car as “status symbol”. If a person owned a car he is rich and this status symbol continues to grow with the increase in number of cars. More the cars, richer the person. With this thinking a significant global problem arises which is car parking space.

Everyone bought a car whether he/she is having enough car parking spaces. Many people owned three to four cars as status symbol, saying more correctly “just to show off”, without having parking space and then parked their car in public areas.

In London, people pay charges if they park their car on roads. There is a rule of parking restriction at 8:30
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These policies cannot be implemented, due to lack of political will. The best idea came out by civic agencies was to restrict the number of car per family.

“Families shouldn’t own more than two cars”. Car pooling idea is implementing by many office going people, who belongs to same area. As no. of cars on road reduce which helps in managing traffic. But this idea is derogatory by multiple car owners, who bought car as status symbols.

Many corporate sectors provide cab facility, to add one step toward managing traffic and parking space problem. It avoid choking of the roads at peak hours of office timings. Residential societies are making rules for parking on the streets. Local resident are facing problem to move freely around their houses, because it is full of cars. In 2010 Mizoram state govt. passed a law which states that, it is mandatory to have parking space, for a new registration of car. To buy a new car, person should submit documents regarding proof of
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They are strengthening the transport by starting metros and local buses. This helps in managing traffic, avoids choking of roads and longs traffic jams.

As per current situation in Delhi, population in 2014 is 1.6 cr and car owned by families is 25.34 lakhs. In 2020 it will be 2.6 cr. and cars own will be 39.47 lakh. At this time 4910 football field area is occupied by cars and in 2020, it will be 7570 football field.

An research agency estimated that we required only 20 square yards to live and car needs 40 square yards for parking. It’s the twice the space we need to live, if this would be the current situation, soon we left no space for pedestrian and playing. We only see cars surrounding us.

Strict norms should be made by the governments. Pavements are for walking, they should not be utilized for parking car. If your vehicle finds in pavement, fine will be charged and that must of Rs. 500 for first time. Second time charged with Rs.1000 and third time Rs.2000 and after that imprisonment for 15 or 1 month.

People should not be allowed to buy car unless they have parking space. Car pooling idea should be encouraged by govt. and

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