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  • The Importance Of Changing The Oil In A Car

    go to your local auto store like Auto Zone they will be able to also tell you what you all you need for your vehicle based on the year, make, and model. Also, specific tools are needed to change your oil. You can get all the tools from your local auto store as well. You will need a wrench to remove the drain plug; a socket wrench would be a good tool. Then another wrench for the oil filter, an oil drain pan for collection of the old oil, a funnel, gloves (if you want), and paper towels are also needed when things get messy. You will also need a jack to lift the car up for easier access to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Now knowing what kind of oil and filter your vehicle uses and the things needed you are ready to start changing the oil. Choose a place where you would rather make slight oils spills like your driveway, a garage, or somewhere you feel that would be beneficial to change the oil at. Next you can jack up the car until it’s at the height needed for you to easily get in and out from under the vehicle. Be sure that it is sturdy and correctly lifted so that the car doesn’t slip and fall. After jacking up the vehicle, locate the oil pan and take off the drain plug with the socket wrench and let the oil drain into the oil pan (this may take 5 minutes or so). Make sure the oil you are draining is dark colored this will let you know that the oil is old. You can also tell by the smell of the oil that it is old; therefore, the vehicle is ready for new oil. After the…

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  • The Definition Of Discussion Between A Wire And The Wire

    At low loads the reason for the lack of efficiency is down to the extent of the slipping as the tensions are less, however the reason for the decreasing efficiency at high torques is down to losses in the engine itself. With engines, the term ‘stall torque’ refers to when the torque is great enough that the output rotational speed becomes zero, as the mechanical resistance increases to the extent that more current cannot be consumed from the supply. This will be the greatest possible torque as…

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  • Torsion Device Design Project

    inclinometer from ASM is shown in Figure 1 below. Figure 1: Digital Inclinometer Drawing11 An issue with using this instrument in the design of a mini torsion device may be its size. Depending on the design of the overall device, the radius of the inclinometer might be too large. The radius of the digital inclinometer above is 42 mm, which is about 7-8 times the diameter of the sample. A lab that used inclinometers to measure the angle of twist also found that the response of the inclinometer…

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  • Static Analysis Of The Manipulator Arm

    IV. Mechanical analysis for the manipulator arm In this section, the static analysis, forward kinematics and inverse kinematics for the manipulator arm will be discussed. A. Static Analysis The static analysis is very significant in manipulator’s design to roughly approximate the required torques from each motor. In our design, it is important to check the stability of the quadcopter that the manipulator is integrated on it in terms of manipulator arm center of mass shifting as function of…

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  • Reflective Essay: Malachi, Get Back To Work

    “ Malachi, get back to work.” Joel said, his voice stern as always. I flinched at the sound of his voice and quickly got back to reading my government book. This week has been especially hard for me to stay focused as it has only brought back memories of my past. It brought back memories of the things I promised myself I would not ever think about again. The pain I felt, it was just unbearable. But I knew I could not show it or else,... or else suspicion would start to arise, and that would…

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  • Biomechanics In Volleyball

    Biomechanics is the study of the body as a machine. This study of the body looks at the internal and external forces that act on the body and the movements that these forces produce. By grasping biomechanical concepts, it enables us to programme our bodies to correct technical errors, reduce injury, move our body with precision and understand the importance of equipment design. This can be used in all sports including volleyball. I will be analysing myself and how I compare to a professional…

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  • Stepper Motor Reflection

    table shows the stepper motor specifications: Table ‎2-1: Stepper Motor Specifications Current 4.2 A Angle 1.8° Torque 8.34 N.m The desired torque calculated to withstand the mirror weight, friction and air resistance is 69.75Nm. This torque cannot be satisfied by the stepper motor on its own since the torque the stepper motor can carry is 8.34 N.m. A worm gearbox is thus required in this situation to help raise the torque and withstand the mirror weight, friction and air resistance.…

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  • Office Space Lab

    Office Spaces is updating their office chairs and have decided to alter the material and cross section of the arm supports. They have requested our assistance in evaluating several materials through experiments and simulations. The purpose of this experiment is to test these various materials and to recommend a material choice and cross section geometry that will minimize deflection of the arm supports. The following sections of this memorandum will detail several facets of the experiment.…

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  • Don T Call Me Kid Analysis

    Your opinion doesn’t matter, you’re just a kid. Everyone, I don 't care who you are, or what point in history you 're from, everyone has heard this at least once. I know I have, and so has Jason, a boy out of the mind of Pamela Joern in the short story, Don’t Call Me Kid. Jason has been dreading to see his father, if fact hes been thinking of how hes going to tell him off when he arrives Friday afternoon but for some reason, Jason doesn 't. They start there journey to Nebraska, miles of nothing…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Life Changed My Life

    Disappointed, disbelief and fear filled my mind as I sat there between the shattered windshield and my steering wheel. I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened, what did I just do, and did this really just happen to me? My lungs began to tighten up as I began to cry out of fear. Knowing that my parents were back in Arizona and I was there all alone with no family. I never thought I would ever get into a car accident; you could say I saw myself as invincible. With the way I’d been living…

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