Creature Of The Night Character Changes Essay

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Some people change who they are as a person just because of the things they've been through. Some people have a rough life and decide they need to work hard to get the things they want and then they continue to work hard. Others get it given to them and then expect others to do things for them and are usually rude and have a bad attitude. In this book, Robert, the main character changes throughout the whole story because of the obstacles put before him. Over the course of the book, Creature of the Night, by Kate Thompson, the main character, Robert, goes through a very rough time and makes very bad choices but, he soon realizes he needs to be. Robert is a very wild child at the beginning of the story, he is disrespectful to his family,soon enough towards the end of the book he gets better and starts not stealing or getting in trouble, he becomes a nicer person to his mother and brother. In the begging he stole car and drove off with them because his friends would tell him to come along and boss him since he was the youngest of all of them “I met up with the lads and we went and got a couple cars. That was a good night. One of the best.” Pg. 19 This is Robert remembering a time when him and his friends went out and took multiple cars and crashed them. He that it was great and smiled just …show more content…
We should understand now that not everyone is a bad person for no reason, you don't know everyone past which means you don't know what they are going through at the moment. People can change if they really want to or if they just come through some challenging times. So as people who are we and how have the things we've been through shaped who we are today? If someone grows into something negative can they fix

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