The Metamorphosis By Frank Kafka Character Analysis

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Essay #2 In life you experience changes. Some changes good, others come around to show you who will always be there for you, and unfortunately the ones that never deserved to be around for all your glory before the bad. In the story “The Metamorphosis,” written by Frank Kafka, the main character Gregor goes through an extraordinary life changing experience. Gregor quickly comes to realize that this change happened to him, because of the man he always was, and the way he has always allowed himself to be treated. Gregor lived a decent life, his father owned a business that supplied the family, but not for long. The business fell through and Gregor’s father lost all ambition to work. When Gregor noticed that his family needed help he became a salesman. He was the new man of the house, he supplied for his family financially, as well as paying off his father’s debt. Gregor was a hard worker even knowing that this job wasn’t his dream. He knew if he didn’t work his family would be left with nothing. Even as the man that did everything for his family it was obvious that his family was very ungrateful. As the story goes forward you get the impression that Gregor, wasn’t a son to his father, but more of just the guy who does whatever needed to supply the family. …show more content…
He can no longer communicate with his family to inform the on what has happen. When he doesn’t get up and go to work one morning his family becomes suspicious of what is going on. Gregor unable to communicate struggles. His manager shows up at the house wondering where Gregor is, once Gregor hears his manager he rushes to get up to see him. He does this because he believes that he can help. His manager and family frightened, as if anyone who saw him would have been. Gregor’s manager runs out the door, his father noticing the terrified look on his face, chases Gregor back into his room. Gregor scurries into his room, where he would remain until

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