Book Review Of Rich Dad Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki

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Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by Robert Kiyosaki is a compilation of one man’s journey of how he acquired wealth. This book has sold over 26 million copies around the world and continues to prove a timeless piece for decades to come. The success of the book can be attributed to the format and the layman terms used. The subject is front and center in the minds many people daily as each strive to obtain a solid financial structure for their families and future. This paper will reflect on the beginnings, getting started and lessons learned.

Structure and discipline are usually not associated with young boys. Boys have the liberty of freedom and adventure which were not in line with the exploits Robert had in mind. He
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Working for money is not what the rich does, they have learned the fundamentals of having their money work for them. Mr. Kiyosaki learned early on of the value of making money working for him. His biological father could not teach him how to get rich so he sought out the expertise of his best friend’s father and learned the hard lesson that no one is going to give you anything and that life will often have pitfalls.
It was important that Robert learned to master the power of money and not fear it. The rat race was real and the lesson to be learned, is to not become part of it. School should not be the end of learning, as it is with so many people. Learning should be sought after with every opportunity. It should be a continual cycle for one to remain engaged and to gain knowledge. The lesson is to create business which generates money for you, instead of you work for
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Mr. Kiyosaki’s fathers travelled two different paths. His biological “poor” father died owing bills and was considered poor not because of the amount of money he earned through the years but his financial though process and his actions limited his ability to rise above his debt. Robert’s “rich dad” afforded him an opportunity which helped him grow his money and become wealthy. He could learn vital information to ensure that his money always worked for him. The basics of his learning was knowing what the difference between assets and liabilities are and the importance of bringing in more money than that which goes

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