The Importance Of Changing The Oil In A Car

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I’ve recently learned how to change the oil in my vehicle a year ago. Anybody can learn how to change their own oil in their car, but when my dad showed me he showed me every detail. Every vehicle owner should be aware that changing the oil in your car is a necessity when it comes to proper care. I’ve also learned that general maintenance on a vehicle is an essential skill that you can easily learn. It doesn’t require many tools or time and will save you money in the future.

The first steps before changing the oil of your car is to get familiar with your vehicle before handling it. Reading your owner’s manual will help you find out the oil type and filter needed for your vehicle. Each car uses different types of oil, so you will have to make sure
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You will remove the oil cap located above the engine and under your hood. Then you will place the funnel into the designated spot to put the oil in. Slowly fill the vehicle up with the new oil one bottle at a time. It usually takes 4-5 quarts to fill up. You can use the dipstick to make sure it is filled all the way. You can use your paper towels to wipe of the dipstick and check again to be sure that it is at the correct level. Finally, carefully pour the old oil from the oil drain pan into the empty bottles of new oil you just poured out. Something I didn’t know was that oil can be recycled even though it’s used. You can take the old to Auto Zone and they will take it.

Changing your oil yourself will save you time and money in the long run. Not to mention it will show you the basic understanding of a vehicle, especially if it’s your own vehicle. I think once you learn how to change it you’ll never forget it. Remembering these simple steps or having someone you know teach you can be really interesting to learn. At the end of the day you will then be able to change your own oil, and not have to depend on other people to do it for you while saving money and

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