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  • Riot Girrrl Manifesto Summary

    lyrical confusion woman at the time would have had as they can see how the band presents the lyrics, which in one song involves Kathleen yelling them directly to the face of a man at the concert. This direct approach to fighting for equal rights is a reason the recent wave of feminism led to such high levels of success for…

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  • Summary: Becaus After Hurricane Katrina

    On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States causing destruction to hundreds of thousands of homes. Multitudes of families were left homeless on the streets searching for a safe haven as chaos slowly started to rise. As the streets of New Orleans were flooding various news stations rushed over to the take note of the disaster stricken area. While the families of New Orleans suffered over their loss the media started to benefit off of the disaster caused from…

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  • Women's Representation In Politics

    “In the past, it was widely held that women were less political than men, if not apolitical. It was assumed that women had lower levels of interest in politics and lower levels of participation in political activities” (Childs and Campbell 3). However, recently feminist political scientists have found that there is “evidence of a closure of the traditional gender gap in voter turnout” (Childs and Campbell 3). Despite the fact that more women are voting, lack of political representation is still…

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  • Kathleen Ni Houlian Play Summary

    in Katie Roche and Kathleen Ni Houlihan ‘There can be no free nation without free women’ (Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington) Discuss the representation of women in two plays on your course in relation to this statement. Women are represented in a poor manner in Katie Roche and Kathleen Ni Houlihan. Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington states, “There can be no free nation without free women”. (Kiberd) This statement is true and it also has a relation to the two Irish plays Katie Roche and Kathleen Ni Houlihan.…

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  • Double Dare Yay Poem

    The lead singer Kathleen Hanna is challenging the listener to stand up by stating, “dare ya to be what you want, dare ya to be who you will”. She is basically telling the listener to be themselves, regardless of everyone else's opinion. The phrase “double dare ya” is also repeated throughout the song to emphasize the importance of being daring. Sometimes one just needs a push in the form of a dare to get things done. Opposed to the song “Feminazi” instead of speaking to an varied audience, the…

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  • Women's Pay Inequality

    these artist have been labeled "trashy" or even "slutty" for the outfits that they wear in their music videos. However, the outfits that are being worn are a symbol of empowerment. The usage of one 's body is the attempt to gain back the power that women have lost over the years; it is one step closer into placing power onto women 's hands. The provocative clothing being worn is used to eliminate the negative ideals associated with women such as they 're frail, innocent or weak. In addition, one…

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  • Punk Music Vs Rap

    a natural response of expression. But the very culture of punk is aggressive, offensive, and violent. Me personally, I’ve grown up around rap music, so that’s what I mainly gravitate towards to. But my brother and my girlfriend are really into punk music. It was brought to my attention that there’s a lot more to the punk scene then what you can see from the outside looking in. But just like people who listened to rap, people who listened to punk were looked down upon, seen as degenerates, stupid…

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