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  • My Eco-Map Analysis

    Making an eco-map shed insight on how I interact with the relationships of my family, friend groups, and coworkers. The map has made me reevaluate the types of my relationships and if they exhibited healthy signs. The ecological context, for which I have based my eco-map, is my current context at College of the Ozarks. I understand I had a distinctly different context when living with my parents, and different still, from the context when all of my siblings live in my parent’s home. I leave a…

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  • What Are The Themes In Janet Fox's 'Forgiven'

    The book that I am reading is an historical fiction novel called Forgiven by Janet Fox. The book is told by the point of view of a 17 year old, Kula Baker. Kula is a woman who has to move from Bonzaga Montana, to San Francisco. While she is in San Francisco Kula Baker meets this kind, and dreamy guy Will. Kula and Will bond over high class society and what jobs they do. As a signal to when they fall in love. There are a lot of varieties of themes, but I believe that the theme is that you have…

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  • Book Vs Movie Analysis

    there is a difference to editing for time management and changing the storyline. In “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer there are many differences between the book and the movie including; the cave, the car scenes, how we perceived the Seeker, the relationships formed by Wanda, and Wanda’s past lives. When someone first read’s the book we are not properly introduced…

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  • Most Like An Arch This Marriage Poem Analysis

    experienced love, whether it is family love, friendship love, romantic love, or conceptual love. In the poem, "Most Like an Arch This Marriage" by John Ciardi defines love through showing commitment, trust, and respect to built a healthy and strong relationship for one another. Love is everlasting and unconditionally satisfying to be with a person or thing you cherish deeply. We all search for love, we are all dedicated to find what completes our lonely hearts in this cruel world. One of the…

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  • The Importance Of Relationships?

    two, had broken up; evidently that’s all that they were, rumors. It’s understandable that being under the constant surveillance of the public eye makes it all the harder for a relationship to develop into a long, and healthy one. However, this isn’t a problem unique to high profile individuals. Nevertheless, all relationships are not created equal. We all have to put in different levels of effort, and sacrifice into our commitments to others. We are a naturally wired communicative species, and…

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  • The Importance Of Love In The Awakening By Kate Chopin

    encounter problems. In The Awakening, Edna Pontellier finds herself in relationships where she must decide who deserves her love – herself or another. As her journey to self-discovery progresses, she starts to abandon her past self and become what she once despised - the embodiment of self-centeredness. Her desire for freedom from societal norms, or what she considers societal confinement, pushes her to leave her past relationships. Yet, what she fails to realize is that true love requires…

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  • Reflection On Healing For Damaged Emotions

    The mystery of the self and relationships has given way to numerous books lining the shelves in bookstores for years, as well as filling the wallets of counselors. Pride, humility, personality type, and introspection are merely a few terms that come to mind when reflecting on pertinent items dealing with these topics. When examining the relationships in one’s life a certain ingredient is relevant, and that is self-awareness of who one is in relation to God, self, and other people. The lack of…

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  • The Importance Of Relationships

    “I’ve heard people stand in bad situations because a relationship like that gets turned by degrees. It is said that a frog will jump out of a pot of boiling water. Place him in a pot and turn it up a little at a time, and he will stay until he is boiled to death. Us frogs understand this.” (Deb Caletti, Stay) From a very young age I was taught that a man was never wrong. I never fully understood the detrimental affect abuse had on a person because my grandmother would always wash it off during…

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  • Interpersonal Communication In The Film When Harry Met Sally

    When Harry Met Sally The film "When Harry Met Sally" is from 1989, throughout the movie the audience is presented with a variety of relationships. Two specific couples that will be analyzed are Sally and Harry, Marie and Jess. Unlike modern films, this movie contains an immense amount of interpersonal communication within the characters. Moreover, two topics that will be covered are is the Social Penetration Model and relational maintenance. The first couple that will be analyzed is Harry…

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  • Most Like An Arch This Marriage By John Ciardi

    human beings needs is to have someone that they can rely on to be there for them through thick and thin. In the poem, "Most Like an Arch This Marriage" by John Ciardi defines love showing commitment, trust, and respect to built a healthy and strong relationship for one another. Love is something we cannot explain because everyone has their own way of loving. One of the key factors to love someone is to be able to have commitment. In order to be committed we must show the person that we are…

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