Classroom Management Reflection Essay

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Reflecting on today 's classroom brings thoughts of happiness, frustration and accomplishments. Challenges faced in today 's classroom come in a wide variety. Teaching can be stressful while simultaneously rewarding. Taking the leap and beginning my Master 's Degree offers some of the same challenges and rewards as found in the classroom. Taking classes has affected my thinking in reference to myself, my students and beyond. Looking at things from a bird 's eye view; seeing the whole picture; is necessary when choosing teaching as a profession. Taking this course has offered me the opportunity to to step back and look at education as a whole beginning with all aspects of education down to the community, to the school, to my personal
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I feel more directed to find a positive solution and researching the child 's background more in depth to develop a better understanding. Classroom management is described as “the actions teachers take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social emotional learning”(Tartwijk, p 454). Providing students with a positive classroom management can help off set some of the burdens they are already carrying. They developed four themes in classroom management. The first is positive teacher-child relationships for effective classroom management. This goes back to getting to know and understand your students. Knowing their beliefs, home life and activities they like. It is developing that meaningful relationship to show that you truly care for them. Second is the classroom management as a social and moral curriculum. Everyone is social in some form and everyone has personal beliefs and feelings that matter. Show the students that each of them matter. Third is how classroom management relies on punishment and external reward may negatively influence the classroom atmosphere. Be sure to investigate why or how a student participates in activities. Sometimes they may need more guidance because of lace of experience or cultural differences. The final theme is the “recognition that teachers must take information into account students ' characteristics, such as age, ethnicity, cultural background and socio-economic status when creating an orderly, productive, and supportive classroom environment”, (Tartwijk, p. 454). The whole picture must be looked at when teaching a

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