The Cool Kids

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  • The Cool Kid Essay

    The Evolution of the “Cool” Kid In Elementary School, there was this one popular kid who was “cool” because he didn’t like to work and harassed people. He never put in much effort or excelled at anything in school, other than gym class. For the sake of confidentiality, let’s call this guy John Doe. John spent his elementary days goofing off and doing anything except for his school work. I remember the days of recess being some of the most fun I’ve had at school. All of the days outside seemed to roll into one. It felt somewhere between a warm summer day and a crisp autumn noon. There were dew drops on the grass that all had just about evaporated into the baby blue sky. The sun was shining bright overhead, with the occasional puffy white cloud…

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  • Essay About Finding Identity

    silence, then few other kids began to say good morning back. My mom commended me for finally speaking and the caretakers did too. After my mom left one kid came up and said hi to me and I said the same back then we later became friends and I made many more too. Gaining new friends brought out some new self-confidence In me and helped me overcome my shyness and made want to make more friend. But that made me desperate for attention and popularity. For during most of my elementary and middle…

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  • Personal Essay: My Apology In The Classroom

    people looking up to me so I am not being a very good role model for the people around me. I know the 9th graders look up to us when we are in bible class. Like the other day in class I said something funny and they all laugh and even on the next day they were bringing it up and saying how funny it was. so If I act bad then they are going to think Nathan is being bad so it must be cool to be bad and that is not the kind of example I want to set so the kids in the younger grades I want them to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love In A Football Team

    There’s nothing like the sound of the echoing of balls bouncing, and shoes squeaking on the hardwood floor of a gym. For me this was a very familiar place and sound of the many years playing the sport I love, the game of basketball. This time I wasn’t the one playing, I was coaching. Last fall I was asked by my high school varsity coach if I would help out coaching the freshmen team. My first initial thought was no, but I told him that I would think about it and get back to him as soon as…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Essay Prompts

    her powers. Another thing about her is that she’s so calm and thinks through her decisions. Even though I’m behind her choices, the default options are always thoughtful. If she was a real person, she would probably become a detective when she’s an adult. She notices small details and pieces together clues in a way that makes everything make sense, even if I have no idea what 's happening in the game. Even if she’s dealing with the disappearance of Rachel or piecing together, how someone is…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience On A Cruise

    the food was all free. The next best part about the cruise was the people on the ship. I met so many different types of people on the boat. I met American people, Asian people, and I even met Cubans. The Cubans were the most fun of all to me. They were really funny and knew how to party. My cousin and I would just walk around and everybody would talk to us. I met a lot of cool people, like these two Cuban guys. We hung out with them most of the time while we were there. There were also a lot…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Social Media Changed My Life

    mom I will call her on my cellphone. I spend some time talking to her about the day listening to her soothing voice before I go to bed. Other times I will video call friends or family to see each other face to face without physically being present. I regularly check my email at night to view any messages I may have gotten from school or any announcements I may have gotten from coworkers or friends. Just as my cellphone helps me communicate, it also allows me to function with its various apps. I…

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  • Essay On Becoming A Peer Mentor

    I cannot imagine that time has flown so fast. It seems like yesterday when I was first hired in summer quarter to be a Peer Mentor. I used to have a lot of imagination about what it would be, and how I would react with my mentees when I officially become a Peer Mentor. This is also my first time to be a Peer Mentor, so I got super excited. However, everything is not like what it seems. When I first received my cohort assignment email said that I would be a Peer Mentor for IESL level 1 and 2, I…

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  • Example Of Classroom Observation

    During the time of my observation, I was able to see how the classroom staff transitions the students from their recess/preferred activity. Outside of the classroom is what Mrs. Stevens likes to call the cool down station. After transition from the gym, each student had to participate in the cool down station by sitting in the desk with their hands on the desk and taking ten deep breaths. After completing the cool down station, Mrs. Stevens would ask the student’s if they were ready to return to…

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  • Socs Vs Greasers Analysis

    Children “Do not educate your child to be rich. Educate him to be happy. So when he grows up, he will know the value of things, not the price” (Man of Honor). The Socs have it worse than the Greasers. There is clear evidence that the Socs have it worse than the Greasers because they are exposed to violence and are not given any boundaries to their games. Some may say that the poor kids struggle more because they have to learn to make a living for themselves and become more independent; on the…

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