My Own Identity

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Finding your own identity is something everyone does in their life. At times it can be complex and stressful trying to figure out who you really are but at the end it can be really satisfying to see the outcome. The process of finding yourself can be a pleasurable one or an ungraceful one. It can be quick or take years to unravel and the journey to finding that answer can be filled with an abundance of obstacles but overcoming them will get you one step close. I went through these things myself, to find my own identity to be the person I am today and I am content with that.

When I was younger, about 3-5 to be exact, I was EXTREMELY shy. I could not speak to anyone but my parents and family and was extremely terrified of talking to new people. I remember during my first days at preschool I wouldn’t talk to anybody or anyone. I would always exclude myself from everyone and not participate in any of the group activities the caretakers had set up for us. In fact, I was so quiet and despondent that the caretakers told my mom that there might be something “wrong” with me and that I could not attend their daycare anymore. My mom insisted that there was nothing wrong with me and told them I was really shy and nervous and assured them that I’ll be more communicative, later that day my mom spoke to me about my shyness
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I’ve started to be more on my own. I mean I was still happy making friends and meeting new people but I was more focused on myself than on others. I was not desperate for attention anymore neither did i want to impress anybody either. And because of that I began making MORE friends trying than not trying. I was absolutely amazed I asked to myself “Where were y 'all when I was trying to be popular?” I liked being more of a loner than being a follower, don’t get me wrong i’m not anti-social or nothing it’s Just that I prefer to keep to

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