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  • An Analysis Of Who Cooks By Anthony Bourdain

    Ever wonder who is cooking the food in the kitchens of America’s favorite restaurants? Anthony Bourdain answered this question in his article titled “Who Cooks?” Anthony Bourdain is a chef, writer and has been featured on some reality television shows. He discussed how the line cooks are not who most people think they are; they are not professionals but instead they are non-American men who cannot make it elsewhere according to his experience. Line cooking involves mindless repetition that not anyone can do and those with culinary vision or education are not these line cooks. According to Anthony Bourdain’s “Who Cooks?” those who cook the food in popular restaurants are visionless, uneducated, non-Americans (93-94). Line cooking “is not all…

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  • Chef Research Papers

    “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors, it is how you combine them that sets you apart.” -Wolfgang Puck. According to, a chef is someone who is a professional cook, typically the chief cooks in a restaurant or hotel. The word chef comes from the french term chef de cuisine, which means director or head of the kitchen. The profession is getting “much more acclaim and and media attention than ever…

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  • How To Start A Workout Essay

    It was a shock to me, but I didn’t let that situation overwhelm me. I ran to call the maintenance man to report the problem. I was a bit annoyed about what happened to me, it was my bad luck that was following me that day. After lunch the time for the departmental “cook” came quickly. It was almost as if “Father Time” sped it up for the cook to happen quickly. Everyone was outside and contributing to getting the pot ready in one way or the other. Some were responsible for food preparation,…

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  • Culinary Career Essay

    From dishwashers to servers, manager to chef, there are many different jobs in the culinary world. One of the few professions that you can start out at the bottom and work your way to the top is the culinary world. What are some culinary careers? In the culinary field there are numerous jobs a person could have, some are chef jobs, some are baking jobs, then there are the other misalliances culinary jobs. Without chefs we would never be able to go out to eat at restaurants. Some chef jobs…

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  • Good Faith And Truthful Ignorance Summary

    Book Review: Good Faith and Truthful Ignorance In the book Good Faith and Truthful Ignorance, co-written by Alexandra Parma Cook and Noble David Cook, the authors attempt to highlight the story of Francisco Noguerol de Ulla. Noguerol, as they reference him throughout the book, was put on trial in Spain for bigamy. Although, he claimed in “good faith and truthful ignorance” that he did so unwittingly. Both of the Cook authors walk the reader through his early years across the Atlantic in the…

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  • Comparing Lee And Abra In East Of Eden By John Steinbeck

    Who knew a rich young white girl and an old Chinese cook could have so much in common? Of all the characters in the book, East of Eden, by John Steinbeck, the two that seem to share the closest and purest bond are Lee and Abra. Lee is the cook for the Trasks, and Abra is the daughter of the rich county supervisor, but even though they come from very different walks of life, their differences bring them as close as their similarities do. From the beginning, Lee and Abra seem very different…

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  • Career Essay: A Career As A Personal Chef

    chef, specifically “for busy corporate women who didn’t want their children to glow in the dark” (qtd. in Careers in Focus). Americans are now busier than ever, and newfound dietary requirements have paved the way for chefs who specialize in certain cuisines and are able to accommodate requests. Those who are looking to eat food that is both healthy and appealing to their tastes find that personal chefs can meet all of these requirements. For people very strict diets, disabilities, or even…

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  • Scarlet Jones Monologue

    colonel in the US military. Each of the women received an invitation to dinner and were told they would hear important information. I told all the women to wait in the library while the table was being set by the maid Ms.White. Once the table was set I invited all the women into the dining room. As I lead the women to the dining room they started hounding me with questions like “why are we here”, “ where's Mr.Stierwalt”, and “what's the important information”. The women were seated I then rush…

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  • Career Narrative Research Paper

    Career Narrative The career I’d like to get into is culinary arts. Though I have some other careers that would be equal to this one, I chose to do this one because cooking is exciting. Growing up with just my mom I got to experience on hand things. Whether it was handing her spices or stirring the pot. With this career, my goal is to learn in depth details of cooking and knowing my way around the kitchen. I’d like to have this as a career because you’re supposed to have a job that you love.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship Experience

    When I started the process for the Internship at Buffalo Wild Wings, I set up different goals for myself that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the Internship in each department that I worked during the Internship. In the Kitchen Department, I was able to learn the proper procedure for creating each dish by shadowing the cooks and Kitchen Manager. I was able to meet this goal by shadowing Wing Certificate Trainer (WCT) and the Kitchen Manager, not only did I learn the dishes by shadowing WCT…

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