Chef Research Papers

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“Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors, it is how you combine them that sets you apart.” -Wolfgang Puck. According to, a chef is someone who is a professional cook, typically the chief cooks in a restaurant or hotel. The word chef comes from the french term chef de cuisine, which means director or head of the kitchen. The profession is getting “much more acclaim and and media attention than ever before” (Susan Meyer 9). When going into the culinary arts and becoming a chef, there are different chef titles that one can become. Choosing a career in the culinary arts usually begins with “an interest in food, but it does not end there” (J.M.Bedell …show more content…
Preparation for becoming a chef takes time “it requires countless hours of hard work, especially in the years” (“How to Become a Chef”). When becoming a chef there is no strict education or training requirements. Most chefs get their knowledge and skills are gained during the long hours in the kitchen. The education for chefs vary but “many students choose to complete 2-year or 4-year culinary arts programs” (“Career Information on Becoming a chef”). There are different degrees that you could get when going to culinary arts, such as Masters (works on focusing ones training with upper tier chefs), Bachelor’s (usually for people who want to go into hospitality management jobs), and Associate’s degree (which is the general education for wanting to become a chef). The skill level for chefs varies because they can have hard skills (those are related to cooking), or they can have soft skills (which is working with someone or managing). According to culinary programs, the focus is on “in-class instructions and hands-on training in the kitchen” (“Educational Requirements for Becoming a Professional Chef”). For people who want to have a potential career as a chef, there are apprenticeships that can teach one

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