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  • BP Case Study Essay

    a problem with the amount of contractors they were employing and the amount of money that was being funneled to these contractors. The extent in which BP was relying on contractors caused them to lose control over the projects that the contractors were completing. This in demonstrated with the company not even having a number of how many contractors they had employed, to the point where they had to stop counting (O 'Brien & Marakas, 2013). Having too many contractors puts projects out of the…

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  • Procurement Strategy Selection Paper

    design drawings, specification and the bills of quantities. While the design stage is completed, contractors then received the Architect drawings and carry out the construction work. The contractor always involved a number of nominated sub-contractor to assist particular items of the work. Due to the separation of the construction and design, the communication between the design team and the main contractor is not effective and efficient. Discrepancy and misconducting information are the risks…

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  • Construction Contractual Agreements

    least two reciprocal promises: the contractor promises, which refer to accomplish the works stated in the contract, and the client promises, which undertakes the owner to pay the contractor for carrying out the works agreed in the contract. In addition, the contract generally contains a number of other promises related to the parties’ obligations. The contract should be established based on the five key components of the legal relationship between the contractor and the client, namely the scope…

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  • Shingle Roofing Company Case Study

    How to Select the Right Shingle Roofing Company Finding and evaluating a roofing contractor can be a difficult and time consuming process by itself. This becomes even more challenging when you are dealing with a broken or leaking roof, and time is of the essence. Even the most well-built roof can suffer damage, such as punctures, leaks, broken shingles, or a collapsed section from standing water, during a major weather event. If you are a homeowner in Minneapolis, you owe it to yourself to take…

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  • The Christian Doctrine

    risk that the Christian Doctrine poses is that contractors are unsure about the contract’s terms and conditions, presenting the risk that the doctrine will be inconsistently applied. Theoretically, however, the Christine Doctrine protects the contractor’s rights too. This paper will demonstrate how the Christian Doctrine creates frustrations in the procurement processes, results in an inconsistent application of the law, and protects the contractor. Unclear Interpretation of Contract’s Terms…

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  • 6 Force Majeure Essay

    Generally, such payments are not recoverable from cost oil and are in addition to the Contractor’s minimum expenditure commitments. The Contractor is typically required to pay various taxes in accordance with the applicable laws of the jurisdiction, including income tax, export tax and duties, import duties, and stamp duty. Royalties are payable by the Contractor to reflect its usage and exploitation of the State’s property and are typically agreed upon as a percentage of the amount or value of…

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  • Mr. Ackman Case Summary

    independent contractors so that they can consume Herbalife products that are given to him. Further, Herbalife is a company with consistent retail sales. So, by the test given by law enforcement agencies, Herbalife is not a pyramid scheme. Further, a contractor is required to buy more products only if they need it or require it for personal use. There is a large number of contractors who do not care about commission and their "earnings" are not positive. This does not mean that contractors lose…

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  • Issues In Uk Construction Industry

    • The sequential order of this system leads to miscomminication between contractors and designers like contractor wrongly understandings the design and results problems in buildability. • The chance the of traditional way providing with changes in the last minite in the construction or design has been identified as the main reason for the delay…

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  • Modest Proposal

    our dedication and enthusiasm in understanding the design package of mousetrap car of Group 4B. The tender evaluation criteria list provides the criterion that have to be fulfilled by us in order to contract Group 4B design. Therefore, we as the contractors of Group 7A have to produce tender submission which provides explanation and evidences on how we fulfilled the criterion from the tendering company. There are few reasons that we chose the design package of Group 4B. One of…

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  • Vicarious Liability Case Summary

    1997). Vicarious liability has two requirements: 1) whether an agent is an employee or independent contractor, and 2) the scope of the agent’s employment. Id. Because Piper met the independent contractor requirements and even if Piper is considered an employee, Piper acted outside of her scope of employment, a court likely will not find Hitch vicariously liable. A. Employee vs. Independent Contractor…

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