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  • Carillion Construction Ltd V. Woods Bagot Europe Ltd & Ors

    run on further periods during which the subcontractor could complete its sub-contract works, which were not necessarily contiguous but were equal to the delay period? Assuming that, under the building contract, Carillion’s claim against the sub-contractors covered its liability to Rolls for liability damages: • Had Carillion's liability to Rolls for the liability damages been annihilated by the additional supplemental agreement signed in November 2010? • if that is the case, what is the effect…

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  • O Connor Vs. Uber: Business Ethics Case Study

    According to Edward Chen, United States District Judge, plaintiffs claimed that Uber misclassified drivers as independent contractors rather than employees (“Order Denying Plaintiffs”, 1). In addition, O’Connor and plaintiffs contended that drivers did not receive any proceeds from gratuity such as tips. Ultimately, both of these claims violate California Labor Codes and California’s Unfair Competition Law. On the other hand, Uber has argued that their drivers set their own work schedule and…

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  • Caparo Industries Vs Dickman Case Study

    issue with the Developer for a few years. 1.2.6. The Authority entered into a “Deed of Warranty” with the Contractor. The Authority should note that the Construction Contract between the Contractor and the Developer is simple contract which limits contractual proceeding period to 6 years. Since the practical completion date is 31 August 2010, the Authority should submit claims against the Contractor immediately. 1.2.7. The Authority shall sue the Employer’s…

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  • Case Study: Career Institute Of America, Inc.

    He has concerns that the current contract that are used to hire the instructors properly recorded that they are independent contractors not employees. II. Issues: A. What form of business organization would be most suitable for CIA? B. How can CIA’s instructor contracts accurately depict the status of the instructors? III. Laws: A. Business Organization Law When deciding to incorporate…

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  • Mauchly's Test Of Sphericityb Analysis

    chi-square df Sig. Epsilon a Greenhouse-Geisser Huynh-Feldt Factor 0.049 966.660 35 0.000 0.682 0.695 Lower-bound 0.125 Notes: Test the null hypothesis that the error covariance matrix of the orthonormalized transformed dependent variables is proportional to an identity matrix. a May be used to adjust the degrees of freedom for the averaged tests of significance. b Design: Intercept Within Subjects Design: factor. Performance criteria Table A2 Bonferroni test on rating of…

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  • Empire Courier Service Case Study

    employer-independent contractor relationship (Kubasek, Brown,…

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  • Negotiation And Conflict Management Plan For Homeowners

    Background, Statement of Need, and Stakeholders This project will finish a home’s unfinished basement and give the family of four who own the home some much needed elbow room by increasing the home’s overall finished square footage. The primary benefits to finishing a basement are the addition of a more usable space and added property value in the event the home is sold (Alure, 2016). The current basement is rarely utilized because it is unwelcoming with its poor lighting and cooler…

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  • How Does Employment Law Affect Employment Agreement In New Zealand?

    New Zealand’s employment law defines employers and employees across the statutes. The court uses the employment status for their decision-making. Furthermore, the protection that is available to protect the interest of employees and independent contractors and its effectiveness. An employment agreement is an official agreement that identifies the conditions of the relationship…

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  • Advantages Of Tuckman Model Of Teamwork

    much it should cost to complete the project and how good does the quality of the products or services need to be. Apart from the above element, a successful project is a product of an integrated efforts and contribution of Client, Consultant and Contractor. A client is the one who initiates the whole project, advances the most necessary finance to maintain the project going. From the contractor’s viewpoint, the principal obligation of the client is to provide the work and,…

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  • Offshoring Vs. Outsourcing In The Workplace

    outsourcing allows different aspects of a business to be handled by those outside of the business, often through a contractor, who is a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job. (“outsource,” n.d.). Contractors are different than employees, dependent upon whether or not a worker is considered to be an employee or contractor can present serious legal dispute for some companies. There are many reasons why a country…

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