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  • Maintenance Services Case Study

    1.0 DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. The Contractor shall provide all labor, tools, equipment, test equipment, material, parts, transportation, personal protective equipment, clothing, hearing and eye protection (when required) including prescription safety glasses, and any incidentals necessary to provide a maintenance agreement on two (2) OCE Plotwave plotters. The plotters are used to print, copy, and scan drawings required per Air Force instructions to support the mission of the 402d Commodities…

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  • Cost Reimbursement Disadvantages

    Cost reimbursement is another alternative contract in which the contractor is reimbursed for the actual cost and fixed costs which incurred for the work .Cost-reimbursable contracts might be used for the projects in which the general scope and nature of the work are defined, but there is uncertainty in quantities or execution. This type of contract is risky for client because under cost-reimbursable contracts, all uncertainties in the scope of project are incurred by the client and the final…

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  • Construction Risk Allocation

    Risk is shared between the contractors and principal some times it may be recovered by the insurance and sometimes relocated by other parties. In the contract the client and the contractor or other partied describe how risk is shared…

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  • Rickley Cottage Case Study

    schedule of the project consisting of deliverables and tasks. The outline will guide contractors through the remodeling of the Rickley cottage. This will make sure the project is completed on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of our client. The project will include gathering information, architectural design plans, materials list and required permits. Communicating updates with architects, venders, contractors, Mr. Rickley, the Island Home Club (IHC) and other stakeholders. The project…

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  • Importance Of Default Clause

    interest of the government and the contractor. The provisions in a contract indicate the requirements, conditions, and the obligations for all who are involved in the contract. Provisions suggest the contractor is to conduct business during the period of a contract. Interfacing with the government is also included in the provisions. Contractors who are new to government contracting and do not understand or are aware of the provisions in contract are those contractors that have some sort of…

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  • Design And Build Contract

    initial contractor is employed by the client, then the contractor is responsible for overseeing both the design and construction phase of a project. The contractor would either have their own in house design team they would use or employ external consultants who would assist in the design phase. A novation agreement is sometimes used in a design and build contract, this is where the client employs consultants to produce their initial design then the same consultants are employed by contractor…

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  • Case Study Sealcoating

    professional you hire deserves your trust. Untrustworthy contractors can leave you with a sealcoating job that generates only headaches for you. The answers to the following questions can help you determine whether you are hiring a reputable sealcoating professional. Can the Contractor Provide Proof of Insurance? Your sealcoating contractor should be fully insured and willing to provide you with proof of insurance. At minimum: • Verify that the contractor has workers' compensation insurance and…

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  • Spearin Real Estate Case Study

    not resume operations under current conditions unless the Government assumed the responsibility for the damages or remedied the existing condition. The Government refused either options, annulled the contract and re-assigned the contract to other contractors. Spearin has been paid $129,758.32 and owed another $81.180.86 which the…

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  • Competitive Tender And Contract Case Study

    process that is responsible for providing services. Purchaser are responsible for the selection of contractors / suppliers and the selection process depends specifies criteria in terms of cost, quality services and value for money. But the role of the CTC to select contractors who are capable of carrying out the tender offer does not function when local government officials do not choose a contractor based on criteria that should be considered in the tendering process. Sometimes…

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  • Independent Contract Essay

    At modern business setting employers depend on Independent Contractors or independently employed instead of on employees, since employees are statutorily ensured more than the independent contractors. This itself is a recognizing component between an employee and an independent contractor. In any case, by essentially referencing themselves as an independent contractor is insufficient according to law. In modern times, it ought to be noticed that since the statutes contribute a major assurance…

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