The Importance Of Making A Maintenance Plan For Preston Valley, Dallas

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I am making this maintenance plan for Preston valley, Dallas.
Maintenance is defined as the work that is done to keep your building in good working condition. This is done on a regular basis. Most of the maintenance tasks are done by the building’s super, but some of the tasks can be done by officers, maintenance and repairs committee, outside contractors or the tenants themselves.
Maintenance policy is a statement of principle used to guide maintenance management decision making. The purpose of this document is to outline the roles and responsibilities of the maintenance committee. Maintenance policy must include the following:
• Who will be responsible for regular repairs
• How routine repair requests will be processed and made
• How the
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On site personnel are superintendents, super to make repairs, supervising employees etc. Hiring outside contractors is done by following some legal formalities. There are some specific guidelines which are used while finding, selecting and hiring contractors. The contract contains all the details of hiring the personal like schedule for payment, the contractor’s price for job, a general schedule for completing the job, evidence that the contractor has the necessary license to do the …show more content…
To maintain an up to date records for all the past and present maintenance and repair projects.
Schedules for maintenance:
• Regular cleaning
• Inspect all the lights
• Make minor repairs
• Monitor tenants move out
• Report illegal conduct
• Report defects or problems
A budget is also be prepared for the maintenance plan. The budget is prepared on the basis of following expenditures on maintenance:
Committed expenditures: these are the expenses which occur every year as part of planned maintenance.
Variable expenditure: these are the expenditures which may not occur every year.
Managed expenditures: these are the expenses which are related with the unplanned maintenance works carried out entirely at the building manager’s discretion.
Maintenance records are written notes which provide documentation about the up keeping of the certain piece of equipment. This record helps in the maintenance plans. Maintenance records are maintained on daily basis. All the expenses are recorded in the books as the maintenance is done on regular basis in the building. These records help to make the maintenance budgets for the apartments. These are also necessary to maintain as it gives the basis for the follow up of the different maintenance

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