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  • Independent Contractors

    Independent contractors are usually people considered to be lawyers, doctors, accountants, or even auctioneers who in a manner of speaking are professionals who present their services to the general public. Still an individual can be considered an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or exact only the effect of the work and not the outcome of the performance. An employee would be defined as an individual who works either full or part-time under an agreement of employment, either oral or written, and has recognized rights and duties in an organization. Still, what really matters is if an employer has the authorization to control the particulars on the services provided to an independent contractor verses an employee.…

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  • Kim Smith Inc Case Study Solution

    awarded using Sealed Bidding procedures. PBPs differ from the more traditional progress payments based on costs because these contract financing payments are made on the basis of the contractor’s achievement of objective, quantifiably measurable events, results or accomplishments that are defined and valued in the contract prior to performance. Performance-based contracts are paid based on the success of specific, measurable events or accomplishments that are defined within the terms and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of An Independent Employee

    An “independent contractor” is one who, “in the exercise of an independent employment, contracts to do a piece of work according to his own methods and is subject to his employer’s control only as to the end product or final result of his work” (Muhl, 2002). There are many financial pros for a company to use independent short term workers. Typically workers will own, maintain, and have sole responsibility for their assets. For example, Uber drivers use their own cars and renters using Airbnb…

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  • Assignment 1: Compliance Project Management

    dollars contracted as well as dispersed to M/WBE firms. In doing so, compliance plan implementation is an ongoing endeavor as new contractors are introduced to the projects and additional dollars are being expensed. LSC continues to strive to meet the increased reporting demands of DC Water and the Governance Committee via continuously improving and adopting strategies to ensure each contractor meets DC Water’s Compliance goals and objectives. Such strategies have included increased…

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  • Unfavorable Sub-Contract Case Study

    Over the years the construction industry has developed a reputation for shady deals and untrustworthiness. Contractors specifically are the root cause of the mistrust between the industry and the public. When it comes to the relationships between contractors and subcontractors though there is still a mistrust even though both sides share the same unfavorable reputation. Often times contractors bully subcontractors into signing contracts that put them in terribly unfavorable positions. And after…

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  • Contracting A Real Estate Agent Ripley

    and colleagues and ask for any reference. Recommendations provide direct info about the service quality offered by diverse window repair and double glazing Walden firms. Besides, maximum contractors depend on recommendations to upraise customer-based awareness. Is the company certified and licensed? You want your assignment to be handled by knowledgeable and skillful contractors that not only counsel you, but also do the job to extraordinary standards. Licensed and authorized window repair…

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  • The Importance Of Making A Maintenance Plan For Preston Valley, Dallas

    maintenance plan for Preston valley, Dallas. Maintenance is defined as the work that is done to keep your building in good working condition. This is done on a regular basis. Most of the maintenance tasks are done by the building’s super, but some of the tasks can be done by officers, maintenance and repairs committee, outside contractors or the tenants themselves. Maintenance policy is a statement of principle used to guide maintenance management decision making. The purpose of this document…

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  • Home Improvement Contractor Scam Essay

    The home improvement contractor scam known as the "Traveler" has been around for decades, and consumer advocate Courtney Yelle estimates that they bilk consumers out of more than $20 million annually. Since home improvement contractors often work out of their vehicles, this scam can appear quite benevolent at a glance, especially since professional scam artists don 't seen like solicitors first. But once you fall for the Traveler 's scam, you could wind up losing thousands of dollars. This home…

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  • Contract Betwee Advantages

    is a principal–independent contractor relationship” . A series of tests have been established to distinguish the working relationship of a person to understand if they are an employee or not. The Court of Appeal located terms of written contract between an employee and an independent contractor. In the ERA the test is “…employer 's actions, and how the employer acted… a fair and reasonable employer could have done in all the circumstances at the time the dismissal or action occurred” . The…

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  • What Are EEO Compliance Requirements That Impact A Federal Subcontractor?

    Executive Order 11246 “prohibits federal contractors and federally–assisted construction contractors and subcontractors, who do over $10,000 in Government business in one year from discriminating in employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin”("Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs ," 2016, para. 3). Additionally, the law forbids employers to take adverse actions against an employee who discusses salary…

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