Ethical Dilemmas In The Construction Industry

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Ethical Decision in the Construction Industry

Every day General Contractors confront ethical decision; so, this paper will analyze how general contractors handle the situations and the outcome of their decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to take good ethical decisions and how to handle them, by studying real case scenarios. Also, it is necessary to find ways to educate employees within a company; as well, how to teach students early in their career to reduce future issues. The case study will be based on two real world case scenarios of electrical subcontractors, which are good examples of unethical decisions, that are very common in the construction industry.
Every day people need to take ethical decisions,
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The main reasons of ethical dilemmas are by lack of communication between different parties within a project and the failure to follow contract requirements because of information misunderstanding. But first, ethics must be understood by every person in the construction industry. According, with ethics is defined as “the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.”. Therefore, every industry has their set of rules and standards to what is right or wrong that followed to avoid any issues when the profession is practiced. Ethics is very important in every industry to keep loyal customers, to maintain good personal and companies’ reputation, and to keep long-term business relationships. Otherwise, unethical decisions damage a company’s reputation and bring bad consequences. …show more content…
As was mentioned before, the first step is to understand the meaning of ethics; then find ways and techniques to use that definition within a company. One way could be that companies teach their employees about ethics in the different aspects of construction, such ethics during bidding, ethics regarding changing orders and safety, and ethics on private and public works. Therefore, this technique will help employees to take wise decision when they confront ethics dilemmas. Also, they will be more informed about local and sates contractual regulations to avoid legal issues. Another was, is to educate students about the principles of right and wrong within the construction industry; which, it will help to form better educated professional in the future

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