The Pros And Cons Of Business Ethics

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Fund embezzlement, employee assault, intended false advertising, fraud, are just a few in many unethical practices in the market place since a long time ago. This raises a question: Does business ethics really exists? Of course, does exist given that each one of every company is given an ethical conduct of some sort, and all required to submit Social Responsibilities Report at the end of every year. However, business ethics is different, because it is more twisted in the market place. It is usually not taken very seriously and even sometimes changed to fit certain situations, such as it is not “right” for the employee to go around and talk about how his or her CEOs or coworkers are cheating with accounts. In the “business world”, there are different code of conducts, different kind ethics, most of the time they are to serve the businesses’ self-interests, since being truly ethical can be a waste of time. However, in …show more content…
Thus, we often see articles about how companies covered up their soon-to-be scandals, how companies assured citizens but ended up hurting the environment (chemical companies and their wastes), and fraud among executives like the ENRON scandal. The ENRON scandal was a big event in American economy history, because such large energy company was doing illegal practices, from the executives to employees, no one said anything before it was revealed. There must be employees who knew about the executives’ action and were against it, but because of loyalty and they were afraid to be fired, what they could have done was limited, and this is just one example among many. In result, to prevent such big problems from happening, companies must guide their members in an ethically way. As Daryl Koehn, author of the article “Is Business Ethics an Oxymoron?”,

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