Ankur Grover Ethical Dilemmas

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I most certainly believe that corruption is a problem in the United States. Corruption exists within the Judicial System, Law Enforcement, the Government, and in business, to name a few. My beliefs stem from personal knowledge, as well as stories reported in the news. I do not wish to elaborate on my personal knowledge, however, I will comment on events in the news. For example, Enron bribed foreign governments in order to win contracts abroad, and Arthur Andersen shredded documents associated with Enron once an inquiry was initiated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). When those companies were contacted by Forbes regarding their alleged wrongdoings, Enron refused to comment, while Arthur Andersen ignored repeated phones calls. Although a multitude of companies have been caught for engaging in corrupt business practices, think about the ones that we do not know about.

The Ethical Framework in which I am likely to use when faced with an ethical dilemma, is the Utilitarianism Framework. I come from a relatively large family and things
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Making decisions for the greater good includes oneself, therefore, seeking self interest is greedy and selfish. If everyone made decisions based upon whether or not those decisions would be made public, we would live in a much happier, healthier, less profit driven society.

Ankur Grover should have been better trained on how to conduct business in Saudi Arabia, which includes the dilemmas he might be faced with. However, by seeking advice, Grover realized that there were more options to consider. His decision to offer Al Humaidi a trip to France, proved to be the right choice, since he received the order to provide healthcare equipment to the Jeddah branch of the Prince Khalid Specialist Hospital. I think Grover handled himself with dignity, while maintaining Medical Equipment's conduct

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