Ethics: Ethics And Ethics In The Real World

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In the real world we have many things that are discussed, in regards to ethics and morals. Many would argue that in life there exists grey areas for every circumstance. It 's our job to make the best decisions in regards to a moral compass. The problem that comes along with making decisions, is the intent behind them. How can you make a good decision? Do you follow a written code, or do you follow your heart, and adapt to the situation at hand? Can you implement both into your decision process?

When we see current discussions in regard to sports, entertainment, and politics we tend to picture ourselves in the scenario of concern. For instance, if a football player was caught cheating, whether that be through steroid use, cheating on their
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In politics, people in a position of power, and spotlight are expected to uphold a moral code, abide by the law, and tell the truth, but we often see politicians using their influence to sway voters, by any means necessary. Some of these methods are seen as pandering, biased, and dishonest. There is also an argument that it 's what politicians have to do to get voted, and while some of these methods are unethical or frowned on, they are not always illegal. The problem we see is that we are not holding the same standard of ethics in all forms of business. Some would argue that it 's just the way that one industry has operated for a while, but if we went back to something like retail, something like cheating could very well lead to hard work simply being an …show more content…
60-70% of students have admitted to cheating according to a survey from the atlantic. In the scenario here, the classroom culture is criticized. It 's the way that students are being taught, and that it encourages Going to school is a requirement in most places up until college, but schooling is also beneficial for the mind, and discipline. Not everyone finishes school with flying colors, and not everyone has a chance to go to school, so going to school can be considered a privilege that people with the opportunity should take advantage of. Some people go to great means to get good grades, and some will go out of their way to copy answers for a test. By copying answers during or before a test you are effectively displaying that you can 't learn through studying, asking questions, and putting in the work to be a good student. It shows a lack of discipline, and it is considered the easy way out. Some would also say that just like in the entertainment industry, or politics, that it 's what must be done sometimes. Do the same things apply in all industries, or is school a more ethical environment and must uphold the tradition of hard work, and communication? I would have to say yes, and to further justify my viewpoint, i would like to bring up one last

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