The Importance Of Ethical Considerations And Profit

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Ethical Considerations and Profit
Elibah Bey
Kaplan University

In this paper, I will explain a consequentialist ethical consideration and a non-consequentialist ethics viewpoint concerning a scenario wherein Sam, the owner of a busy veterinary hospital, took a client’s $25.00 bill payment, did not generate corresponding paperwork, and used the cash for personal grocery shopping. In addition, I will explain the strengths and weaknesses corresponding with the ethics viewpoint of Sam’s decision in this scenario. I will also describe my thoughts on the effect of Sam’s decision as it relates to other personnel at the hospital upon an auditor discovering this situation. Furthermore, I will discuss how Sam should approach the situation using ethical perspective and explain why and how his action will affect the personnel at the hospital.
The Rule Utilitarianism Consequentialist Ethical Consideration
The Rule Utilitarianism consequentialist ethical consideration “argues that each person should follow rules that tend to produce the greatest happiness for everyone” (Ethical Approaches, 2015). In the scenario concerning Sam, he should follow the same rules that are required of receptionist whose shift he decided to cover. Although he owned the veterinary hospital, he
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In this instance, it means that as long as Sam’s action could guarantee the best result for the good of everyone, it is the right choice. On the other hand, the weakness of this approach, requires Sam “to predict the future and all possible outcomes” of his chosen course of action (Ethical Approaches, 2015). Predicting the future of an action can be very hard if it is morally questionable. Thus, Sam could violate the rules as long as everyone in business can benefit from his decision. However, the outcome of an action is not always predictable (Ethical Approaches,

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