Moral Model In Nursing

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As a nurse who advocates for the patient, especially for the under insured or uninsured patients, there may be the use of multiple models in order to defend the rights of the patients and ensure he or she gets the desired care. With the use of the Moral Model, a nurse may be able to protect the patients choices and right through the use of the MORAL Model (Guido, 2014)
Ethical dilemma
In my personal experience practicing nursing, the ethical dilemma I have most experienced is the issue of caring for the under insured or uninsured. The under insured or uninsured patients are most likely to be seen at the hospital as the sickest. They present with chronic illness that has been left untreated too long as a result of lack of access to the health
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In situations where ethical decisions needs to be made, nurses will require combining every elements of the moral model to resolve the clinical problems.The moral model includes five steps: (1) massage the dilemma, (2) outline the options, (3) resolve the dilemma, (4) act by applying the chosen option, and (5) look back and evaluate the entire process (Guido, 2014).
Applying the MORAL model of ethical decision making to the clinical dilemma of the under insured/uninsured not frequently receiving the care they need, a nurse like myself can advocate for standard care for the patients.
The first step in the MORAL decision making model helps to explain all areas of the ethical dilemma. The demographic who are unable to access hospital/clinic for regular checkups develop medical problems such as diabetes and hypertension that may turn out untreated and undetected. The ethical dilemma I face in my career as a nurse when taking care of the under/insured is ensuring that they are given the care needed to maintain their health. The uninsured are not likely to have regular outpatient care, experiencing overall deterioration in health and so often hospitalized for health problems that could have been prevented (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee,
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In the case of immigrants uninsured those involved with the care of the patient would require the patient and their family. In addition, others involved with the care of the patient will include doctors, therapy providers and social worker/case management (Guido, 2014). The course of action provided to the patient must be reviewed to ensure they are being provided with the right tools to guarantee their overall health. As with the illegal immigrants their course of actions beyond the hospitals are limited. It is imperative that the nurse work with the social worker/case management to provide information to the patient by directing them to the needed resources outside the hospital for follow up care.
The third step in the MORAL model of ethical decision making is resolving the dilemma which is the best option for resolution of the clinical problem .It is the nurses obligation to advocate for the patients necessary resources available to them that would be given to patients insured. Comprehending the medications and the therapy provided to the patient who are insured is important for the nurse to advocate for similar things to be provided to the uninsured

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