Influenza Vaccination Case Study

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Influenza Vaccinations for Health Care Workers
Paula Harris
Submitted in particle fulfillment of NURB 2160
Northwester State University

December 3, 2015
Nurses often face challenges known as ethical dilemmas, which may impact them and their patients. An ethical dilemma is a situation in which an individual is required to determine the best decision between two moral actions. Influenza is a very severe and contagious disease. Over the past years, health care facilities have implemented mandatory influenza vaccination to help prevent acquiring and spreading the disease. In addition, the mandates of the influenza vaccination amongst health care worker have appeared to become an ethical issue (Rakita, Hagar, Crome, & Lammert, 2010,
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The American Nursing Association believes the mandate of the vaccine is “an ethical duty of every nurse.” Increase in influenza occurrences resulted in strict recommendations of the vaccine. Healthcare workers in Maine who refuse vaccination may be placed on unpaid leave. In the state of Arkansas, if workers are non-compliant, the health care facility is held accountable, leading in disciplinary actions. On other hand, it is bias to authorize vaccination when there is no evidence available of its …show more content…
Although healthcare workers are obligated to provide patients with the best care and protect them against infection, the requirement of receiving the influenza vaccination violates the workers right to refuse treatment. Health care worker who are against the policy have debated that there is not enough evidence available that supports that the vaccination reduce transmission of influenza. Valid reasoning such as health problems and religious beliefs may exempt health care workers from receiving the vaccine.

Randall, L. H. (2013). Legal considerations surrounding mandatory influenza vaccination for healthcare worker in the United States. Vaccine, 31, 1171-1776. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2013.02.002 It is highly recommended that healthcare workers be vaccinated for influenza to protect their patients who are at high risk for complications. Health care worker are provided convenient vaccination access and information from their health care facility. Health care workers who are against the vaccination might sue their employers due to legal rights to oppose against being vaccinated. In addition, it is controversy because is a patient contract the virus from a worker, he or she might sue the employer for tortious

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