The Better Half

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  • Essay About The First Day In My Life

    However, peak of my young innocence was quite possibly the most strenuous time for my parents. There is an image of me, preparing to attend my first day of preschool. My expression is blank and childish; it is clear that I have no idea what is ahead of me. School, now, is the single most important aspect of my life. This photograph represents the beginning of my school career, and it was the emerge of the better half. School is meant to challenge you at any age, however I often find myself longing to return to the days when singing and coloring were common activities. What sticks out to me the most in this image is how disparate my father looks in this image compared to how he looks today. He appears young, eager and proud. On this day, he was feeling this way for several reasons. For, he had just landed the job that would start his career. With this job he had no doubt he’d be able to support our family for the decades to come. Returning to myself, a young child who didn’t even understand the milestone I had just reached in my life, I had no idea what my father did to get there. I had even less of an idea that it was all for me. I was naturally happy…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles In 'God Is Not A Fish Inspector'

    Fusi is so committed to subduing the fish inspectors he rouses at three in the morning “this morning as every morning he had waken at three” (44) as he wakes in the morning he must avoid his daughter Emma and her husband John Smith. Motivated by the fish inspectors he feels young again aswell he is exhilarated by the potential he could be caught but hasn't been as men half his age have been caught “They would take his fish and net away” (49) he explains the consequences he may potentially face…

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  • Fallacy In Frankenstein

    evil larger than even the doctor could have predicted.      The monster himself, like Dr. Frankenstein, is an unbalanced being. He cannot keep his intellect in line with his emotions. The monster, outcast from society, seeks vengeance. "If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear," says the monster to his creator. The monster then promises to work on the destruction of Dr. Frankenstein. In the case, his emotions cloud what is rational. He should not try to…

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  • Theme Of Ambiguity In Beowulf

    absence of subordinating conjunctions makes things simple, concise and unfeeling? In his reception speech back in Geatland, Beowulf says: So ought a kinsman always act, never weave nets of evil in secret, prepare the death of close companions (2166-69) The clauses can be complementary or contrastive. In some cases there is great…

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  • Jackson Sawmill Case Study

    Summary: Northwest Canadian Forest Products Limited owns and operates five sawmills in BC and Alberta. They produce high quality lumber for use in the manufacture of window frames, doors and moldings internationally and lower quality commodity type lumber for use in the Canadian construction industry. The president of the company is trying to decide whether or not to invest money into Jackson Sawmill for new plant and equipment, since it hasn’t been upgraded for twenty years. The alternative…

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  • Figurative Language In Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms

    Through reading this book, I was able to improve my ability in analyzing and comprehending literature. The activities that we did in class really helped me to better understand the book. Colleen, Emily, and Molly’s lesson allowed me to realize how Hemingway’s description and lack of description contributed to the book. Through showing scenes from the movie of A Farewell to Arms, I saw how a lack of description can cause several different interpretations of one scene. Spencer, Jensen, and Rayan’s…

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  • Studying Social Policy: The Factors That Contribute To Society

    I recently traveled to Ghana which is a small country on the west coast of Africa. As soon as I arrived I could see the obvious social difference compared to London depending on where I traveled, the rich stay rich and the poor remain poor. I could see there was a massive economic inequality. The average cost of living in the capital Accra monthly is £648.91 however, those more fortunate surpass that weekly. People also have to pay their own school fees for example at high school stage it costs…

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  • List Major Accomplishments Since Your Last Appraisal. How Do These Align With Your Goals

    I have come to find it is better to try and understand not only what the person is trying to relate, look at it from their point of view and maybe just maybe the issue can be handled with understanding, rather than conflict. The success of any relationship this being a work environment, relies on the ability to communicate well, Communication is important; it is based on the way we talk and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Handwriting And Typing

    Handwriting and typing are going to be used throughout someone’s life in school, at home, and many other places as well, but which is better for the comprehension and understanding of the notes he or she takes? Well, Typing is more efficient to take notes since it is faster to do and takes a smaller amount of time to write more information. However, studies have proven that most of the time handwriting gives people a better understanding of the material in which they are writing about. Typing is…

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  • The Importance Of Special Shoes And Shooting Techniques In Basketball

    getting ankle support shoes, just so someone doesn’t get hurt. They can wear ankle braces, but don’t have to. Coaches also suggest good name brand shoes such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas. If basketball shoes have no support, most likely to roll their ankles and get hurt. There are minor things to do asso, like they can do like simple wrapping ankles too! Also having basketball socks, can be better too. Shooting form can have a lot to do with how one shoots . Weather the ball airballs,…

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