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  • Bill Gates

    develop children’s learning. I chose to do my first journal review on Bill Gates because I find it inspiring that Bill knew from a young age what his dream…

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  • Compare And Contrast Bill Obama And Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton vs. Barack Obama Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both popular presidents, whose came from a middle class income family and a minority group of people. Bill Clinton a first "baby boomer" generation (people born after the communist war) to become president, and Barack Obama, first African American to become president, were especially both good on domestic affairs and came up with same important policies about domestic affairs ( health care reform and economic recovery). In fact,…

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  • Importance Of Bill Of Rights Towards Animals

    In the United States people around the country, no matter the the color of their skin, religion, race, or gender, everyone is considered equal under the eyes of the law, the constitution and the bill of rights, however not everything is included in it. Animals have been the long discussed and most argued in weather or not they should be carrying a bill of rights, personally I agree. Images, videos, and the entire internet web has shown proof and facts showing the cruelty and exploitation of…

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  • Kill Bill: A Necessary Warrior

    Warriors in both the Greek classical tradition and Quentin Terentino’s movie, Kill Bill, represent the glorification of mimetic violence, vendetta and the conversion and mutilation of the enemy warrior into a state of bloody, pre-existence. However, whereas in classical myth male warriors were culturally expected to perpetuate violence and construct their heroic identity in opposition to their mother, the warrior-bride in kill bill constructs her heroic identity in accordance with her maternal…

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  • The Bill Gates Foundation

    Bill Gates made the Gates foundation it is the worlds largest charitable foundation. It funds a variety of programs that seek to improve the health, education, and well-being of people in the United States. He was also the founder of Microsoft a program company that changed the way we work. He was probably the most influential guy in changing into the technological age. The gates foundation focuses its giving in the areas of education, global Heath, libraries, and the Pacific Northwest. This…

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  • Bill Bowerman Essay

    A small shoe company made by Bill Bowerman in 1966, but then renamed in 1978 has quickly transformed into one of the biggest American icons. Starting with just twelve hundred dollars in the bank, Nike has become an icon of not only America but of the shoe and clothing industries worldwide. When I think of buying equipment for any sport I immediately think of Nike and I believe that is what most people have come to their minds as well. Nike is popular everywhere and the highest of athletes as…

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  • Buffalo Bill Research Paper

    Buffalo Bill had a hard life as a kid and after his father abandoned the farm and went to stage driving , he had to help support the family, then after his mother and father passed, he had a family of his own that he could support, because he was a successful rifleman and a buffalo hunter. Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody)was born on February 26,1846 to his parents named Isaac Leacock Cody and Mary Ann Leacock Cody. He lived with them until Bill's father abandoned the farm they were at,…

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  • Bill Clinton's Rape

    Current Event 3 In the article “A Brief History of Juanita Broaddrick, The Woman Accusing Bill Clinton of Rape,” the author Eyder Peralta relates about the story of Juanita Broaddrick, who claims ex-president Bill Clinton raped her in a hotel room in 1978, when Mr Clinton was the Arkansas attorney general. Broaddrick’s rape allegations have surfaced twice, once when Bill Clinton was running for presidency in 1992, and another one during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. The fact…

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  • Bill Clinton Impeachment

    controversy and interest in the 2016 presidential primaries, it may be time to look back at possibly the most controversial scandal in recent memory. On January 7, 1999, for the second time in United States history the Senate began impeachment proceedings against a sitting president. William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton), the 42nd President of the United States of America, was impeached in the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998; and then later acquitted after a Senate trial on…

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  • Bill Clinton Hypocrisy

    Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, although both hold opposing governmental views they convey a similar anti-establishment message. This message, that defies traditional politics, continues to resonate in many voters’ minds as seen by the victories of Bernie, Hillary’s opponent, and the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Why is this movement surging throughout America? One very important reason includes the general disgust of the hypocrisy, manipulation, and lies that corrupt our political system.…

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