Child Aggression Research Paper

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Arved Garcia
English 1101
October 4, 2016 Violent Videogames linked with Child Aggression Videogames have been around for exactly 54 years and have had an immense impact on society. From the first game ever created, “Spacewar”, to the more complex videogames that involve the concept of virtual reality; videogames consume a large amount of time. Some researchers’ belief that the content in the videogame affects and shapes how we behave and act around people. An initial attempt at proving that children will imitate what they see was demonstrated by Albert Bandura a psychologist, conducted an experiment that involved showing children a video of adults showing physical aggression to a Bobo Doll (Hockenbury 215). He proved that even though children
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This ensures that imitation of the actions and even events that occurred in that videogame will be reenacted in reality; not just in virtual reality. This will be a précising matter for society because videogames revolve around concepts of war, gangs, abuse of illegal substances, brutality, etc. if kids are not properly taught that the ideas and concepts of a violent videogame should not be learned then the effects can lead to a devastating catastrophe.
Although that would be an extreme case scenario it is a possibility. Many mass shootings have linked the perpetrator to him or her having played violent video games in his or her life. The facts are concrete even though many scientists disagree because the evidence found can and is linked to more factors than videogames themselves. For example, many scientists belief that for an adolescent to have the potential to commit a criminal act, He or she has multiple variables acting upon him or her; like the family environment, social life,
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More than half of the 50 top-selling video games contain violence.” (Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence).
Although that is just one example of violence, researches have also linked violence from videogames to sexual abuse towards women and increase bullying at school settings from girls and boys (kids). Although the evidence keeps becoming more and more evident, the videogame industry; like many other industries that have gone through similar situations do not want to enforce changes that would help the customer but would have a major financial impact on the industry. What the videogame industry has done is little; they have come up with a videogame rating system much like the one for film media.
It is called entertainment software rating board. This rating system is very vague in the sense that they are not as strict as they should be in classifying the content of the videogames. That is why we as society need to immediately start to take action and create a better system where violent videogames are only available for kids older than eighteen. This will insure that kids have a proper understanding of what they are doing and not inter-mix ideas from the

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