Should Violent Video Games Be Banned Essay

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For ongoing years the complaint of many citizens that violent video games have a bad reputation for starting mass shootings, violence or any physical or mental harm to the youth the ages of 18 or younger. The youth that plays these violent video games labeled M rated or higher adults believe the games are rewarding the players with their aggressive behavior and violence towards others. Video Games are supposedly teaching children that violence is acceptable in real life situations. I on the other hand disagree that violent video games should not be banned because they do not cause harm and violence towards others, just a simple, fun and entertaining game for those who have time to waste away. Here are three different reasons for my claim: Video …show more content…
Vice president for the Entertainment Software Association, Dan Hewitt says that “There 's no medical or scientific research showing that videogames cause people to be violent in real life — even our most ardent critics agree with that.” So it states that even people who have a strong opinion about violent video games agree that there is no medical research showing video games cause extreme violence towards themselves or …show more content…
We all know this subject is very emotional and hard to talk about but putting video games in with the mix as a reason why this all happened is far from the case. Minors the play violent video games do not cause young citizens to execute massive shootings. SInce 1982 - 2015 71 mass shootings have happened, only 11 young kids under the age of 18 were involved in those. Katherine Newman, a PhD wrote "Millions of young people play video games full of fistfights, blazing guns, and body slams...yet only a minuscule fraction of the consumers become violent." US Secret Service and US Department of Education investigated 37 cases between 1974 and 2000 that was involved with school violence. Turns out 27% had a regard to violent movies, 24% were into violent books and 37% of the attackers were only interested in their violent writings. Out of all those numbers only 12% of the attackers had an effect on violent video games. This information shows that it 's not just the M rated video games that make a person aggressive or violent, others things as well as the way these people were treated and their home life could also be an effect as

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