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  • My Mother: How One Word That Changed My Life

    I was born in Lafayette, Indiana to the parents of Cheryl Griffin and Jon Griffin. My mother, Cheryl, was born in Gary, Indiana but soon moved to Terre Haute. She was a very loving and compassionate mother. If I had to describe her in one word, it would be outstanding. I say that because not only did she take care of her own children but she also took care of my father’s other children as well. My father, Jon, was born in a town in Texas. He was always really strict and angry. My one word to…

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  • Railroad Strike Of 1877: An Important Time Period

    capitalism, the strike tries to defend their political beliefs. Luskey states "the violent class conflict that had transpired during the riot." A well Salvatore states "while class anger was expressed, a different consciousness motivated these Terre Haute strikers during and after 1877." The strike of 1877 was an important period on where worker strike for abusing union labor, unsafe working conditions and as well on business and corporations cutting employee wages. These wage cuts affect most…

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  • Assembly Line Justice Case Analysis

    As criminology majors, we must learn the inner workings of the court system as well as the crucial courtroom players. We have all watched series such as Law and Order, CSI, American Crime, etc., but they give us a false sense of what an actual courtroom setup looks like. Unlike these shows, there are various steps that must be taken before the defendant is prosecuted. There is the arrest, initial appearance, bail is set, either a grand jury or preliminary hearing is conducted, arraignment occurs…

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  • Ethical Ethics Of Abortion

    have been together for two years. Denise and David have no children together, but each has one child from a previous relationship. Denise and David live together with their combined two children, in poverty conditions. They live in the projects of Terre Haute, live off of food stamps and welfare and are unable to keep jobs because of a drug-habit. Denise and David have been having sex together since they met, and Denise has never become pregnant. The couple is not using any form of birth control…

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  • Why Is Tempers Responsible For The Knights Of Labor

    He began his career in Indiana’s Terre Haute lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. In 1879, he entered politics as a Democratic City Clerk, and then was elected to the Indiana State Assembly. Debs was responsible for the organization of the American Railway Union, which striked against…

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  • Timothy Mcveigh Bombing Case Study

    At 9:02Am on April 19th, 1995 the bombing of the Oklahoma city Alfred p. murrah federal building exploded. The building was loacted underneath the America’s kids daycare center. The left wall of the Murrah building was the first to come down along with the top floors. The aftermath of the explosion left a 30ft wide, 8ft deep crater in the street that was covered by the debris of the building. ( Smith, 2015) During the time of the explosion McVeigh was in the building parking lot. He Feld scene…

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  • St. Louis Art Museum Analysis

    Art from the Renaissance is most realistic compared to any other art. During my trip to the St. Louis Art Museum I look through hundreds of paintings from the Renaissance and Baroque period. My favorite painting I looked at from this period at the museum was Peasants Dancing in a Tavern by Adriacn van Ostade. The Renaissance and Baroque art section stood out the most to me at the museum. When I first arrived to the St. Louis Art Museum I went down to the first level where most of the art was…

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  • The Invention Of Coca Cola

    glass bottles different from the rest. They wanted to be different so that the customers who bought coke would know if it was the right stuff or a knock off. So they had a contest to see who could make the coolest/different looking coke glass. Terre Haute won the contest in the year 1916. He made the…

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  • Accommodating Communication Style Essay

    According to the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument, my conflict style was accommodating. I would consider myself as a compromising and caring person, but I do not like to be perceived as a people pleaser. However, I have a few aspects of accommodating personality because I think of others before me. Growing up I would have handled my conflict as a competitor, but over the year of fighting and being called a “right-fighter” and proclaimed that I never think about others views but my own.…

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  • My Team Meeting Experience

    for them to donate to our huge philanthropy event. I wanted to get into the heads of the individuals who were going to donate, and basically bribe them. I used the emotion of guilt to make them feel bad for the children around the community of Terre Haute who wanted gifts for…

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