Christobal Blenciaga Case Study

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Christobal Balenciaga
Christobal Balenciaga was born in Guetaria, Spain, the home of a small fishing village, on January 21, 1895. At the age of ten years old, Balenciaga’s father had passed away leaving his mother to support the family as a seamstress. Around that same time, became amused by his mother’s work of interest and began studying dressmaking. Continued his studies in dressmaking until 1910. As a teenage Christobal was given the opportunity to a gown for Madrid de Casa Torres, a well- known and respected of Spain. She admired his attention to detail and want him to create a replica of one of her own gowns. He did as requested, creating an exact replica of the gown. As a result Torres wore the gown for everyone to see.
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He first fashion show took place in the Ave. George location, introducing his Spanish Renaissance influenced couture collection in August of 1937. Many of Christobal’s garments had an interpretation of other styles that were seen as historical. He had become known for a design which was a square coat that had a one piece sleeve with a yoke, it was named the square coat. Balenciaga had become such an icon in the industry that his clients had been willing to make trips to Europe during World War II just for his to design. With being greatly influence and interpreting other style, Christobal created a gown titled the Infanta gown. This gown was created in 1939 as evening wear and was greatly influence by a portrait that was painted by Diego Velázquez. Balenciaga had changed the style of the women’s silhouettes. By 1945 his couture clothing had square shoulders and fitted waistline. In that same year he had taken part in the Theatre de la Mode. This was a display of haute couture which was produced in Paris A few years later in 1947 ventured from his traditional couture line and debuted his firs perfume line. Christobal was also known for incorporating lace of brown and black colors on top of garments that were of a bright pink color. His design shaping had been different from the usual shapes during that time period. Designer like Christian Dior created designs that were curvy hourglass shape, while …show more content…
During this time he created wedding gown for the future queen of Belgium, Fabiola de Mora y Argon. Not only was she the future queen of Belgium but she was the grand-daughter of Marquesa de Casa Torres. Christobal also at this time had introduced the idea of using plastic when creating rainwear. He continued to create clothing that was bold and unparalleled. Constantly using heavy fabric that had bold patterning. That along with the use of ornate embroidery. The year before that he created an Empire line for his couture line that displayed tailored suit with short jackets. He also incorporated evening wearing into this line. He had worked with many that were of royalty. Christobal had clients that were the duchess of Windsor, such as Gloria Guinness and Pauline de Rothschild. He created garments for them that were very small but decorative. These ladies had garments designed by him which had bracelet sleeves and collars that stood away from the neckline .In 1968, Balenciaga had announced that after fifty years in the fashion world he was closing down the House of Balenciaga and retiring from the fashion industry. Before leave his debuted his last spring fashion collection and had created uniforms for the air hostess of Air France. Christobal Balenciaga took time out of his retirement in 1972 and designed a wedding gown for granddaughter of Francisco Franco and future Duchess of Cadiz at the time, Maria

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