Cause And Effect Essay On Balmain

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Balmain surprises with sibling love on latest advert Widely known as a respectable and relevant fashion house in retrospect to haute couture trends, Balmain is still on the move in cruising the fashion industry as smooth as its first years in 1914. Founded by Pierre Balmain in France, the brand established quite a humongous name in the fashion industry, focusing primarily on women's wear in a more pumped up level of edge, glamour and affluence. Balmain, like any other fashion conglomerate, didn't stop at just satisfying the women's market and spawned their ventures as far as supplying men’s wear, fragrance, ready-to-wear outfits, jewelry and accessories. Balmain had carried-out hundreds of successful and followed fashion shows all throughout its life and is strong enough to continue for the years to come.
As in the modern days where fashion is seen through the general media, Balmain had coped up with the ever-changing medium and is known for their campaigns which are set to be released whenever a collection is due to be presented in public. Currently being headed by Olivier Roustering since 2011, Balmain had been well-received after their controversial yet adorable campaign, which stars fashion icon Kim Kardashian and singer-producer Kanye West.
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“This season’s Balmain campaign was inspired by a brief, key moment that happened while we were shooting our last campaign,” said Roustering in a fashion-pegged interview. “While I watched Mario capture a kiss last fall, I was struck by the love and emotion that I was witnessing in front of me. Starting with a determination to once again focus on the beauty of an intimate connection, my team and I quickly concluded that a celebration of the unique and unconditional love of siblings is a natural progression from the spirit of last season," Roustering

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