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  • Christian Dior Fashion Trends

    Christian Dior’s The Bar Suit (The New Look) of the collection La Ligne Corolle was a significant moment in contemporary fashion. Why was the New Look by Christian Dior a shock for women’s fashion after the World War II? Did it set the tone for the future? The Second World War shook the vast majority of the world’s countries from 1939 to 1945. Immediate effects of the war were seen everywhere; parts of Europe destroyed from war and bombings, bringing countries to debt after spending deficit on…

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  • Fashion Influence

    Through-out the years, Artworks from different Art Movements have been influencing various scopes of the design world. One of the ways that the influence of Art History to the design world, is shown through Fashion Design. Every now and then we see hints of Artworks walking down the runway showcasing the master pieces that they are. Moreover, influence of Art is seen everywhere in the world of fashion, be it Magazines, clothes or exhibitions. It is also evident that some artworks are more…

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  • Ideas That Changed Fashion Essay

    Over the years fashion has changed and shaped with the times, but what drives these changes in fashion? Harriet Worsley’s Book 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion discusses one hundred of the most influential ideas that shaped fashion from the classics, such as the Little Black Dress, to clothing that is currently worn as everyday casual, such as sneakers. Fashion has come along way and throughout the one hundred ideas discussed in Worsley’s book reoccurring themes tend to pop up among the ideas. War…

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  • Fashion Trends In The 1950's Vs. Now

    Lucero 1 Christine Lucero English 1A Mr. Gruber 2/14/16 Fashion Trends in the 1950s vs. Now There are always new things coming out in the fashion industries that causes fashion to change. Fashion has been a dramatic change over the years in history. The term “fashion” is referred to as “the latest trend.” There are people who like to keep up with the latest trends and styles, from clothes, to jewelry, to shoes, and even new hairstyles. The fashion game back then has dramatically changed…

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  • Gwyneth's Argumentative Essay

    Gwyneth Paltrow has lasted less than a second to name her favorite designer bag When we spoke to Gwyneth Paltrow on the red carpet in New York, the only accessory he wore was his SmartWatch Frederique Constant. Assembly, since the actress and businesswoman promoted their new collaboration with the brand. "This is the first time you wear it!" She said with enthusiasm, showing off her elegant watch. Gwyneth said he would use it to start a jazz in any LBD, describing his special details, "I think…

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  • Marquis Emilio Pucci

    Introduction Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento, born in Naples, 20 November 1914 to one of Florence’s most wealthy families, epitomised Italian glitterati glamour and was described as "more than a charmer" by his daughter1. He was a very well educated man having Attended the University of Milan, 1933-35, University of Georgia, 1935-36, Reed College, Portland, Oregon, 1936-37; M.A., 1937; then moving on to complete a Ph.D. at the University of Florence in 1941. However, after serving in the war…

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  • Research Paper On Coco Chanel

    “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” , a powerful quote by the most powerful women in twenties centuries fashion industry, a fashion designer and founder of puissant french couture brand “CHANEL”. What Coco Chanel did was not just created a classical luxury brand but changed definition and image of women’s fashion forever. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born in August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France .Unfortunately, she was sent to orphanage after her mother died. Gabrielle got…

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  • Evolution Of Mod Fashion

    Working Title The fashion from the 1960s changed fashion forever. The word “mod” stands for modern, so the fashion was the new thing. During this time was the beginning of high end fashion. “Mod” Fashion was one of the most popular trends in the 1960’s all due to its bold styles, the designers who made the clothes, and the models who wore the items. The trends in “mod” fashion made it really stand out. In the article Mod Style-From the 60’s to Now it states, “Mod” fashion was well known…

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  • Charles Frederick Worth Influence On Fashion

    In parts all over the globe the world of fashion has been constantly evolving over time. With Influences from high class citizens has empowered the middle and lower class to have a standard when it comes to style. According to the timeline of modern fashion in 1858 an English designer by the name of Charles Frederick Worth was a notable for his unique designs and his creativity. Shortly after he had opened his own firm 1858 and it was called the House of Worth. It gained popularity quickly in…

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  • The 1950s: The Invention Of Stilettos

    “We have the 1950s fashion to thank for the invention of the Stilettos,” (Ruche). Stilettos were invented by a shoe designer named Andre Perugia, who began designing shoes in 1906. These thin-heeled shoes classed up any outfit, adding a petite look and a sleek silhouette when wearing a dress. Women ditched their bulkier shoes from the thirties and forties and opted for Stilettos instead. They’ve become extremely popular and can be seen being worn today by any passing lady. Polyester, Triacetate…

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