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  • Analysis Of The Documentary While Dads In Heaven With Nixon

    Choosing to view the documentary “While Dads in Heaven with Nixon” seem to be an easy choice. This documentary focuses on the development of a man with Autism. The topic of Autism is something that hits very close to home therefore it would be enjoyed. This documentary starts out interviewing a man named Chris. His elder brother Tom documents this video; as a result a sibling relationship is easily sensed. The two men began by reminiscing of their childhood. Chris, the brother diagnosed with…

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  • The Movie ' The Red Wedding '

    In all honesty, it had always been difficult for me to follow a television series. I could never understand how my friends could invest a decent amount of their time into watching multiple series. That was until I started watching Game of Thrones late summer of last year. Although the pilot of the series aired on April of 2011, I finally got around to binge-watching it last summer to understand what the fuss was all about. Granted, I held off watching the show due to its’ excessive nudity and…

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  • Netflix Case Review: Netflix And The Media Industry

    Furthermore, the Media industry is undergoing a major transformation right now, with video streaming rising to the top as the most accessible means to view both films and television. Netflix does an exceptional job at presenting their brand’s purpose clearly and promptly. When consumers enter Netflix’s homepage, they are instantaneously welcomed with the words “Watch TV shows & movies anytime, anywhere. Plans from $7.99 a month…

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  • Stereotypes In Modern Television Suits

    QUESTION 2: Modern television dramas can reinforce and/or subvert dominant ideologies. Discuss this statement with reference to one television drama series you have studied. Television dramas have the power to represent versions of reality, both subverting and normalising social and cultural stereotypes. The law drama series Suits (2011) reinforces the dominant ideologies of inequality by sexualisation of women and promoting a misconception of men. The show can be interpreted as a “man show”.…

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  • The Influence Of Gender Stereotypes In The Media

    Looking back on my life as a whole, I can see now that I did not have many influences that swayed me to seeing gender and sex as two very different categories as many do. I believe that media and religion is the strongest influence to the many people that believe women are meant for the kitchen and men are meant to never cry. Because I was not exposed to the media or religion a lot as a kid, I believe gender stereotypes have had less of an effect on me. When I got to the age that I was the most…

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  • Film Analysis: An Analysis Of Miss Representation

    Miss Representation is a documentary film full of stories told by teenagers, entertainers, politicians, activists and journalists. This film is full of startling facts, and statistics that made my own jaw drop. From problems we have in our own society today including body image and eating disorders to ways we can all make a difference, Miss Representation is a film everyone would benefit from. This film covered both body image and eating disorders in our generation today. Today’s media…

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  • Paranoia Agent Analysis

    10. Paranoia Agent (2004) Satoshi Kon was so content with his cooperation with Madhouse that immediately after the end of producing Tokyo Godfathers, he proposed to shoot a TV anime series. The script would be based upon a few of his concepts, which he had not used before, as much as upon newspapers' headlines, particularly their crime and social ones. The leadership of the company accepted, thus initiating the creation of the 13 episodes of Paranoia Agent. A series of attacks occur in Tokyo,…

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  • Gun Control By Jim Jefferiess

    The Australian comedian Jim Jefferies breaks down the absurdity of America’s obsession with guns in his Netflix special “BARE” done in 2014. He confidently shares his opinion in a way that seems funny to many people. Jim Jefferies in this comedy bit shares his opinion of gun control maturely as to help the audience members or people watching at home not get enraged as much. He starts off by stating, “I believe in your right as Americans to have guns.” (Jefferies, Jim) He firstly tries to help…

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  • Multiculturality And The American Dream In The Clevelandston Show, The Cleveland Show

    Hello everyone, My name is Liliia Riabenko and I am really into American culture. Personally I am fond of American movies, serials and cartoons. Today I want to share my thoughts about the question of multiculturality and the American dream in American animated sitcom “The Cleveland Show”. Everybody who is familiar with the USA and American culture in general should know that many ethnic groups live within the country. The Cleveland show is a sitcom that depicts the life of African-American…

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  • An Analysis Of Sherlock Holmes And The Great Game

    3. Choose one film or an episode of television drama and write an analysis of its narrative, plot and genre. Outline the plot, make use of theories of narrative in your analysis, and provide an account of its genre in relation to the chosen film/episode and any relevant illustrative examples. Having been depicted on screen 254 times; Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed character in literary history, it is possible for one to study the development of cinema simply through the many…

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