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  • Hide Your Lesbians Trope Analysis

    I’m incredibly tired of seeing myself bastardized and killed on TV. As an avid connoisseur of pop culture and popular television, the practice queerbaiting the audience and/or killing minority characters is a distressing trend that contributes to the continuing prejudice against LGBTQ people across the United States and around the world. Pop culture influences the citizens (and leaders) of our nation, who then vote and promote policy, which shapes the future citizenry, who then vote...and the…

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  • Teetubbies Movie Analysis

    If you want your children to have nightmares for the rest of their lives, Teletubbies is the show to do it. It was produced in 1997 and the target audience was pre-school age children. Portrayed as a quad of playful beings that laugh and play at the delight of children, the Teletubbies take over the screen with their frighteningly fixed smiles and incoherent gibberish. It is said that this is quite popular with young children, but it was the opposite in my home. Saturday morning cartoons are…

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  • Negative Effects Of Anime And Anime

    been found to contribute to aggressive behavior in students. A study stated that children like to watch anime because it is fun, and has humor and violence. Most of the students would learn and imitate from their observation through watching those programs. If they would ever feel intimidated, they would hit, attack, or kick the person. (Omar, 2011) However, many have also said that anime and manga has show good effects on them. A poll’s result states that 58.44% of the respondents said that…

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  • The Effects Of Violence In Movies

    Media, television, and movies have had many developments throughout the years. However, these changes may have been for the worse. Most turn the TV on and cannot go five minutes without witnessing an act of violence. As early as 1952 the government realized there was an unnecessary amount of violence on television ("Update: Television Violence"). These acts of violence are watched casually in society compared to maybe 50 years ago. People now look at sexual acts and profane words only to deem…

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  • Cultural Citizenship Analysis

    The Performance of Cultural Citizenship:Audiences and the Politics of Multicultural Television Drama by Floris Müller and Joke Hermes, addresses how multicultural television is used when trying to build connections in society. Multicultural television can strengthen the beliefs of how multicultural societies are viewed in society. Müller and Hermes explain how pop culture plays an important role in defining the role of multicultural societies in the media. Ultimately, Müller and Hermes finds…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between The Simpsons And Family Guy

    We’ve all seen these adult animated sitcoms, or at least heard about them. We watch these shows and grow up with them, they mold our personalities and change our perspective in life through the years. So when you think of the legends in this category you need look no further than Matt Groening’s classic The Simpsons, or the more recent twist Family Guy created by Seth Macfarlane. The Simpsons and Family Guy are American comical cartoons that share many similarities and differences. Although the…

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  • Paprika And Inception Analysis

    Both Paprika and Inception are the kind of films telling the relationship between reality and dreams. Also, Kon Satoshi and Christopher Nolan are both well-known directors with a large number of fans. However, Paprika was produced four years earlier than Inception, which, in my opinion, also has the content with deeper and more complex thought. Inception is mainly about the demons story of the character which was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a really simple and clear film that can be…

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  • R & R Case Study Summary

    R&R Case Memo There were several factors that created an opportunity for Bob Reiss and his “TV Guide” Game. One of the main factors was the general characteristics of the toy industry in general. Due to the short lifespan of most products in the toy industry, it is easier for new toys or games to infiltrate the market. A second factor was the success that had been found by Trivial Pursuit. As a result of Trivial Pursuit being so popular, many people were interested in the idea of trivia games…

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  • Summary Of Walter White: Breaking Bad By Vince Gilligan

    Does Walter White’s Virtù begin to diminish as the show “Breaking Bad” continues and what is it that Walter wants as his glory? These are the questions I have been asking myself as I have attempted to write this essay. The television show I selected for this essay was “Breaking Bad” by Vince Gilligan. The show follows the life of a chemistry teacher named Walter White, who has discovered that he has stage 3 lung cancer. Upon the discovery that he has a death sentence, Walter embarks on a…

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  • An Analysis Of Amusing Ourselves To Death By Neil Postman

    In Chapter 7 of Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman discusses the commonly used phrase “Now… This” and how it came to symbolize news in the age of television. Postman discusses how news stories have become rapid segments of information placed consecutively to another that has absolutely no relevance to the previous one. Delivered by attractive newscasters with little emotion and placed in between bright commercials, news has lost its seriousness and assimilated to our vast entertainment…

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