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  • What Is Susan B Anthony Speech On Women's Equality

    Starting in the mid-1800s a revolutionary movement began to root itself among the American population and other cultures around the world, Women’s Rights. In the push to raise awareness of the oppression of women and the inequality of sexes women traveled the country speaking to anyone that would listen. Two women stand apart in the effectiveness and remembrance of the speeches, as well as their leadership positions and impact they left on the nation in the development of equality. In the early…

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  • Why Is Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) So Harmful?

    a bit earlier in this report, UV radiation can cause our skin cells to mutate. The high energy waves actually damage the chromosomes in our DNA. One common mutation that occurs is the alteration of the chromosome that codes for a specific tumor suppressor gene. These genes are incredibly important in regulating the cell cycle and damage may result in uncontrolled cell division and the formation of…

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  • Vindorelbine Research Paper

    Vinorelbine also known as Navelbine® is an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug. It belongs to a class of chemotherapy drugs called vinca-alkaloids; which can be categorised as spindle poisons1. Vinorelbine and Vindesine are semi-synthetic derivatives from the first generation of vinca-alkaloids; Vinblastine and Vincristine2. These original vinca-alkaloids were derived from dried leaves of the Madagascan periwinkle (vinca rosea) plant1. Madagascar periwinkle is also used in the treatment for diabetes,…

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  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Influence On American Literature

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand -- I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.” Abraham Lincoln A nation that was supposed to be together as 5 fingers of a hand and be united like a fist, was considering their own countrymen inferior and lower than themselves, 4 not 5. The northern and southern parts of the United States of America were divided across different lines. The northern part, the Union, adapted industrialization quickly while the…

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  • Emotion Regulation In Psychological Research

    positively to well-being, whereas suppression is related negatively.” People who suppress their emotions are more likely to hold everything inside and keep their feelings bottled up, making them more prone to having negative thoughts and emotions. “Suppressors’ avoidance and lack of close social relationships also suggests less life satisfaction, lower self-esteem, and a less optimistic attitude about the future (Gross & John, 2003).” This statement is basically backing up the conclusion that…

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  • The Influence Of Epigenetics

    causes of sorrow throughout mankind’s history. It was found that DNA methylation played a big role in this scenario. The tissue of the patients that had a deviated number of DNA methylation within the genes were the ones found to be faulty. Tumor-suppressor genes are turned off when a CpG site has been over methylated. These CpG sites occur where a guanine nucleotide is bonded to a cytosine nucleotide by means of a phosphate. Using what we have learned from epigenetics thus far we can formulate…

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  • American Public Education

    area of public welfare without serious opposition." (Katz). Most work to alleviate social distress was done voluntarily by the community heretofore. Philanthropic organizations, mostly done through charity by churches and women, were the biggest suppressors of crime and mental illness, which was at the time considered a temporary issue. However, it soon became clear to those organizations that these problems were far more permanent than they had previously believed. Assistance in the form of…

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  • The Innate Immune System

    The innate immune system is the defense mechanism that is activated immediately or shortly after the body is exposed to invading microorganisms.1 This system is quick in response and does not have a memory, meaning it doesn’t need previous exposure to the foreign microbe’s antigen before it can be activated.2 The adaptive immune system consists of antigen-specific immune responses.2 This system is slow in response because after it is exposed to an antigen, it needs time to process the antigen…

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  • Nitrite And Nitrate Contamination Of Surface And Ground Water Pollution

    Pollution is one of the most serious problems that affect our environment, and its effects on all life aspects are clear to everyone. Because of this, pollution is one of the most serious issues that all the word countries are concerned about. As time goes, the pollution problem increases and also the population growth increase. The increase in demand for water and food supplies place an increasing stress on the ground and surface water quality and quantity. One of the environmental problems…

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  • Scholarship Application Essay

    A career in cancer research has been my objective since before I entered college. My extensive personal experiences with this disease have deeply impacted my goals and aspirations as both a scientist and as a student. Unlike many undergraduates, I have accumulated an extensive amount of research experience during my undergraduate career, working to answer a broad range of biological questions. These diverse experiences have directly impacted my decision to pursue a graduate degree in immunology,…

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